13 People Recall the First Time They Thought, “Man, I’m Old”

Y’all, listen. Getting old really isn’t that bad – there are plenty of upsides, with my favorite being not having to fix my hair and also not caring what random people think about my hair.

The downsides are mostly pain-related, if you ask me.

It happens to all of us, and like these 13 people, we can all recall one of the first moments we realized it was really happening.

13. Everyone “hot” is younger than me.

When you realize that almost every actor and actress on TV commercials is younger than you.

12. At first you wonder who they’re talking to.

Teenagers have started to call me “Mr.”, and not ironically.

11. Those things can be an investment.

When I got excited about buying a new bin.

Bought it, looked at it for days thinking how nice it is.

10. They’re all about the memes.

when my students told me they had never seen the matrix, but they thought they maybe recognized a meme from it 💀

9. Get off my lawn, Simpsons.

When I watched new Simpsons for the first time in years, and could hear the age in their voices.

I felt like shaking my fist at a cloud.

8. Our interests have changed.

At a gathering and all the younger people were talking about video games or movies, my friends and I were discussing homeowner related stuff and the older people were discussing their health issues and medications.

My friends wife laughed and said we are now middle age and medicating talk is next for us all.

7. Bless her mama heart.

I was driving and saw a very attractive younger guy running shirtless on the sidewalk.

My immediate thought was “OMG dude! I hope you wore enough sunscreen today!”

6. Ah, back in the day.

I was telling the story of how I broke my back in a car accident.

Someone asked why the airbags didn’t go off or I didn’t just use my cell to call for help.

Both of those things were new when I was old enough to drive.

5. Cringe city.

When I started a sentence with “Well, before the Internet, we used to…”

4. That initial reaction will circle back around.

When I realized it’s acceptable to say “Congratulations” instead of “Oh Shit” when a friend of mine gets pregnant.

3. “To my dog.” Perfect.

When I heard people outside and grumbled about f%cking teenagers to my dog.

2. It can seem overwhelming.

I have no idea what’s happening in music right now.

And I don’t mean that in a wrong generation, “back in my day!” Kind if way.

I mean that I literally have no idea what is happening.

I used to be so plugged in. I knew all the coolest bands and went to all the best shows. I was giving recommendations to people, I was making mix cds, it was my dream job to be a music supervisor for tv. Now.. I don’t know anything any more. I try, but it’s overwhelming.

1. That’s some kind of realization.

“Damn, this grocery store is playing my jams.”

Congrats to all who are getting older, because it means you’re still alive!

Tell us what your aha! moment was in the comments!