13+ People Reveal the One Item They Always Have with Them…Just in Case

Image Credit: Pixabay

We all have our little quirks, and that extends to worries about what we might need in the case of any type of emergency. Chances are there’s something you can’t leave the house without even if you’ve never used it…because on the day you leave it behind, you will inevitably need it.

After reading through these people’s necessities, you might find a few more things to lug around in your bag. Just saying.

#15. I have what you need

“I used to carry a can of sprinkles in my car until a day at work when a cake was brought in and someone said “Damn I forgot to get icing and sprinkles or something!”

I very awkwardly butt in and let them know I had exactly what they needed if I had permission to go to my car.

Boss looked at me like I was nuts, sighed, and gave me the go ahead.”

#14. That’s actually a really nice idea

“I have a little notecard that have hand signals for sign language.”

#13. Better than carrying an umbrella

“for me, my university gave us a rain poncho during orientation and I’ve been carrying it with me ever since

Edit: words. Still learning how to use reddit”

#12. Tools are never a bad idea

“A small measuring tape. It’s surprising how many times I’ve been happy to have it.

It also feels frustratingly similar to my car keys.”

#11. Seriously handy

“A knife. I dont use one everyday, but when I need I have it. This sounds creepy after thinking about it but a pocket knife is seriously handy.”

#10. Some people truly are ready for anything

“One day at work the glass plate in the microwave broke. My coworker had an extra one in his car.”

#9. Better safe than sorry

“I don’t smoke, but for 20 years I’ve carried a lighter. Why?

The end of The Fifth Element. They almost didn’t have fire, and that would have been disastrous.

Do I think my keychain lighter will be the difference between life and the end of all life as we know it in an all-consuming darkness? Probably not.

But… what if?”

#8. Tiny entertainment

“I’ve always carried around a comedically small deck of cards in my bag, no matter where I go. I feel like I live with the fear of ending up somewhere with no signal, and that I’d have to entertain myself for a few hours.

Or emergency magicians.”

#7. A true hero

“I carry a cat toy in my purse in case I run into a stray cat that needs something to play with.”

#6. Girls everywhere get it

“I always carry not one, not two, but three hair ties with me. One’s usually in my hair, one of the extras is in case somebody else needs one but doesn’t have their own, and the third is in case the one I’m using breaks. There have been many days I’ve needed two; either someone asked me for an extra or I break the one I’m currently using, but I’ve never needed all three… Yet

EDIT to address the frequently asked questions y’all aren’t really asking (frequently commented comments?)… I’m a guy, so to all you male hair tie hoarders, y’all are the real MVPs! I used to keep them on my left wrist, but when I eventually ran out and had to buy more, I accidentally got sightly smaller hair ties that were a bit too tight on my wrist, so now they go in my left pocket”

#5. Sometimes you need two

“Used to carry two bricks in my car. Whenever I’d be asked why there were two bricks in my car, I’d explain it was for problems one brick couldn’t solve.”

#4. For when life needs some funny

“I have a tiny container of googly eyes in my purse for whenever something looks like it should be a little more googly.”

#3. I didn’t even have a racket

“For the longest time, I kept a bag of tennis balls in the trunk of my car.

Just in case.

Just in case of what? I don’t know. A youth pickup baseball game? A random urge to play catch with no mitts? I highly doubt a spontaneous game of tennis since I didn’t have a racket.”

#2. Medically sound

“A card in my wallet that details the type and location of stents put in my heart after my heart attack.”

#1. This one is my favorite

“Ear plugs. You never know when you’ll find yourself near a jackhammer, honking horns, sirens, or maybe you make an unexpected trip to the bar after work and a band is playing. Better to protect your ears.”

My purse just got heavier!