13+ People Share the One Movie That Really Messed with Their Heads

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Movies, like all forms of art, have a way of getting under our skin and into our heads; sometimes they stay with us in ways that make us feel warm and fuzzy, and other times in ways we wish we could forget.

These 13+ people had experiences in the latter category – and if one thing is for sure, forgetting is not in the cards.

15. Not what I was expecting from a movie about household appliances.

While I was never genuinely horrified by it or anything, ‘The Brave Little Toaster’ had some pretty morbid moments. It went from happy, cheesy and generic kids movie to car genocide, killer clowns and themes of becoming obsolete and worthless. It’s not the most scarring film out there but it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting for a movie about household appliances.

14. F*cked up shit.

Flowers in the Attic. I was terrified of my mother poisoning me growing up. Fucked up shit.

13. Completely hopeless.

AI. It left me feeling completely hopeless.

12. The way I thought it was.

I remember watching Hotel Rwanda as a freshman at my private highschool. Embarrassed me because I realized the world wasn’t even close to the way I thought it was.

11. It punches the viewer in the face with reality.

Dead Poet Society. It starts with such a hopeful tone and just completely punches the viewer in the face with reality.

10. No part of it with the baby.

Trainspotting..I still can’t watch any part of it with the baby..

9. Best movie I’ll never watch again.

Grave of the Fireflies. Best movie I’ll never watch again.

8. I just knew she was going to die.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. I grew up in a very similar situation (like, spookily similar, just a lot less good looking). My mother was overweight and I just knew she was gonna die in our old house like that. Scared the shit out of me.

7. Jesus that movie.

We need to talk about Kevin. Jesus that movie

6. I still don’t want to watch the movie again.

Watership down

My parents thought its just a cartoon movie, surely fits for an 7 year old… I still dont want to watch the movie again, and I’m turning 29 next sunday!

5. Crueler and harder to watch.

The deer hunter. The movie just gets crueler and harder to watch

4. It became real to me.

American History X – It was the first time that violence for the sake of racism became real to me. THAT scene (Norton-stomp) made me realize how fragile life can be, especially when confronted by another human.

You know how The Walking Dead was trying to show us that humans are the real monsters, but it got really fucking annoying because like, dude we get it? This movie makes that point so effortlessly and with such grace.

I was fucked up for weeks trying to process the movie. I think I was in high school.

3. I would lose my mind.

Fire in the Sky

I saw this when I was 8 or 9. I walked into my aunts room during the operating scene..anything and everything that dealt with aliens freaked me out. When unsolved mysteries and the x-files theme songs came on I would lose my mind and become really scared.

2. How is this movie targeted at children?

Return to Oz

The Disney sequel to the Wizard of Oz. This movie is targeted at children. This movie is fucked up. It starts with Dorothy getting electroshocks in a bedlam asylum because no one believe in her stories about Oz. Then she “Return to Oz”, and then she encounter truly horrific monsters like the Wheelers (Fuck the Wheelers!) and the big bad is switching heads like you switch dresses and all the heads are alive and how my god how is this movie targeted at children?!

1. Ruined my life for 2.5 years.

Iron Giant… ruined my life for 2.5 years

Be careful what you click on Netflix, y’all!