11 Kids Who Weren’t Very Bright, but Were Very Funny

Kids, what a joy they are! Sometimes, at least… and other times not so much.

The kids described in these tweets are all pretty funny, but maybe you wouldn’t consider them to be geniuses? Perhaps they’re not going to be the future leaders of the world? Maybe they might just be the kind of person who won’t vote because they’re not into politics?

You’ll see what I mean. There’s not a lot of brain power here… but there is a lot of funny bone swagger going on!

Let’s get to it!

1. Mind = Blown

He didn’t notice that EVERY SINGLE PLAYER was different every week? Hahaha…

2. It’ll get there

But if Santa DOES answer it… will you get more letters in the heater vent?

3. No copying

She made it first, dad! Do better!

4. Yum!

And then… straight to poison control.

5. Open to all offers

Hey, he just wants to see it bake up close. What’s wrong with that?

6. How did it know?

Well, it just knows. That’s how it knows. You know?

7. Hahaha

I mean… that’s not a bad thing to consider… but then the dog wanted to hang out.

8. Mine!

Well, that’s a new one. Greedy little f**k.

9. Not the smartest…

And that’s why we don’t live near lions, right?

10. They’re real?

Well, at least he finally realized it. Now he’ll know.

11. Why?

Can’t you just scrub them off?

Adorable, aren’t they? Smart? No so much. But that’s okay… because they ARE funny. And that’s the most important part.

Alright fam, time for YOU to share your funniest dumb kid moments.

Do that in the comments!