13 People Revise Song Lyrics for Jimmy Fallon, Hoping to Capture the Reality of 2020

From time-to-time, night show host Jimmy Fallon asks his audience on Twitter to help him really nail a hashtag, and I’ve got to say, those are some of my favorite episodes. Regular people, it turns out, are pretty funny.

And listen, the best way to deal with 2020 is to laugh. I think.

Enter these 13 hilariously revised song lyrics that honestly capture the day.

13. If only we could all say this.

Things might be the slightest bit better.

12. That’s like…a whole version.

Commitment is impressive.

11. This is kind of brilliant.

I want to hear it outside my head.

10. Preach, sir.

A song for our times.

9. You gotta keep dancing.

No question there.

8. This should remain a hit forever.

Said the introvert.

7. I certainly do.

Theme of the summer!

6. If they had, maybe they would have saved their marriage.

Or maybe not. Could go either way, really.

5. Why is it always a Rick?

Also, always the frat boys.

4. “Like” might be a strong word.

The rest of it is spot on, though.

3. It’s the last line that really makes it.

Details, people.

2. Still less creepy than the original.

Don’t @ me.

1. Don’t you just love the oldies?

They really are the goodies.

One day I’m going to win one of these hashtag games!

What would you have added to the hilarity? Tell us in the comments!