13 People Share the Creepiest Things Other People Ever Told Them

Some people just have the gift of gab.

And some people who have that gift talk about things that are downright creepy.

I guess we all still have the ability to be surprised sometimes, right?

AskReddit users shared the creepiest things people ever told them.

Let’s have look, shall we?

1. Creepy from a young age.

“In kindergarten some kid was digging a hole with a plastic shovel. I asked him what he was digging, and he looked me d**d in the eye and said, ‘your grave.’

Freaked me the hell out at the time.”

2. Thank you!

“In high school there was this chick that said “I want to spoon out your eyeballs, put them in a jar, and preserve them.””

3. Gross.

“At work I was drinking water and a coworker in his late 30s or so told me I look good when I swallow.

I am 17.”

4. A big of an age difference.

“I was 19 working in retail and a regular customer who was 63 said, one day, “I know there’s a bit of an age difference but I can’t stop thinking about you. I know we could make memories together that we would remember for the rest of our lives”.

He then proceeded to ask me out.”

5. No, thanks.

“My coworker who was in his 50’s, started rubbing my shoulders, and told me to come over when his wife wasn’t home.

I was 19…”

6. Run!

“You’re cute when you sleep.

From a complete stranger at Target.”

7. Weirdo.

“Guy in a truck struck me while I was riding my bike to work.

He gave me a ride since he had broken my bike, and on the way there said, “You’re the prettiest person I’ve ever hit.””

8. TMI.

“I had a customer tell me and my 20 year old son he was taking medication for low T.

Said he realized it was an issue when the amount of his e**culate was less and less.

Why would you tell anyone that?”

9. Scary Uber ride.

“I’ve told this story before but here goes: I was on my way home from work (I did night shift at the airport so this was mid-morning).

It had already been an exhausting night for me so instead of the 3 busses I normally took, I only took the first and decided to Uber it the rest of the way. I got into the Uber, and it was a man approximately in his 50’s. At the time I was in my mid 20’s and in my uniform.

I could see him looking at me through the rear view mirror and once we were on the main road (it’s like a mini highway with long stretches between lights) he said “You’re very beautiful.”

And he reached back and started rubbing my thigh with his hand. He reached as high up my thigh as his arm could extend and then after a few seconds of me being completely shocked and not knowing what to do he said “you remind me of my daughter”

Looking back, I wish I would’ve yelled or called for help right there but I felt stuck. I gave him a low rating and reported the incident but I always wonder about his daughter.

I hope she’s okay and I hope his hand falls off.”

10. Ugh!

“I was 17, 1997, in a training class.

A middle aged man asked me to go to his car with him during our break to fool around.

I was so floored at the time, I never said anything.”

11. Nope.

“I was dating this guy. It wasn’t a healthy relationship to say the least.

Anyway we were having a fight one night and he pops off with “you’re worse than my ex who said I looked like her r**ist”.”

12. Classy.

“Before I met my husband I was on a dating site because I actually thought it was for dating but I was wrong.

Some guy told me “if you were my sister I’d of left my door open more at night”.

I didn’t respond and just deleted the whole app. No thanks.”

13. Power hungry.

“A former police officer once told me that he did a speed trap by an old church.

If you hide on the side next to the graveyard no one can see you, so he angled his car to where he could see the road and that corner pocket so to speak. He saw a few teens go over and start having their private fun together.

He waited a while for the car to steam up and then he walked over and made them get dressed. However he made the guy get dressed first and the girl later. He used his power to fear and play with them until he made them run off.

The girl was 16.”

Has someone ever told you something that creeped you out?

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