13 People Share the Creepiest Things They’ve Seen in the Middle of Nowhere

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I’ve seen so many horror movies over the years starting from a very young age that the idea of being in a remote area all alone is always creepy to me.

Who might be lurking out there?

Am I accidentally going to stumble upon a human sacrifice in the woods?

What’s in that abandoned house up on that hill?

The possibilities are endless, really?

Instead of just imagining them, let’s dive into some TRUE stories that AskReddit users experienced in remote areas. Prepare to be scared!

1. This is very weird.

“A little over 18 years ago I had just gotten out of the military. I drove all the way from Louisiana to my home town in Montana, without incident.

I spent a few days at home and then got back on the road because my new home destination was Boise Idaho. It was February so instead of going straight down the length of the state I cut across the panhandle of Idaho into Washington. The highway going straight down through the state is really twisty and very dangerous in the winter.

So I crossed the state line into Washington. It was a Sunday and it was very very early in the morning. As cliche as it sounds there was quite a bit of fog in the air. I had been driving for a while and I really had to use the bathroom.

Now normally given how I was out in the middle of nowhere I would normally just pulled over on the side and took a whizz but since it was so foggy and hard to see I thought it safer to just wait until I hit the next small town.

So I drove for maybe 5 more miles and I started seeing signs for a town. I can’t remember for the life of me the name of the town but I think it was Linden or Linder something like that. It was on I90 going into the Spokane valley So I head towards the sign which was a right turn off the interstate and its a short drive up this road and I reached the town. It was small but I thought nothing of it since I was from a small town in Montana.

Now here is where things get odd. There was not a single person to be found. There were cars and business but not a single person to be found no one walking the street no logging trucks driving everything was just as still as the air. I stopped at a gas station. It was one of those 1 in all places that did car repair tires etc, but no one was at the counter.

I thought well maybe it’s just really early. So I went around to the side to see if the bathroom was locked and it was. As I made my way back around to the front of the building saw a delivery truck it was a coke classic truck. Except it wasn’t moving its head lights were on the hazard lights were on and the passenger and driver side doors were open just sitting there in the middle of the street.

Yes I was getting a bad vibe so I got back in my car and went back the way I came I got back to i90 and thought again about just pissing on the side of the road but honestly I was too afraid. I continued driving until I hit Spokane honestly I was more than a bit freaked out and had completely forgotten I had to piss.

I didnt see anything creepy or hear anything creepy but the stillness in the air and the complete lack of life human or animal was just terrifying and unsettling.

I looked on the map to where I was once I got to Spokane which was a rand McNally’s map (because GPS on phones was just not a thing yet) and I could not find it at all on the map even as I was writing this I looked at Google maps and nothing by the name Linden Linder or otherwise is on the map. I still to this day will never forget that feeling of just freaky displacement I felt there.

When I got to Boise I told my friend about it and he thought I was just trying to rip off silent hill or resident evil and honestly I can’t blame people for saying that but at the same time that was the reason I wouldnt piss on the side of the road. I kept recalling the part in RE 1 where the hikers were killed by the murderous dogs.

Anyway if you stuck around this long thanks for reading and if you know of a town on hwy 2 between Coeur d’lene Idaho and Spokane Washington people let me know. If you are from there I mean no offense but your town is creepy as fuck.”

2. Awful.

“I’d been at football training with a few of my cousins when I was about 10 years old.

We decided to take a walk before our parents picked us up, so we went along the canal towpath. My cousin looked down in the canal and say a really nice jacket floating along and being a weird scavenger person decided to reach in to fish it out.

Well, the jacket turned over. And so did the man wearing it. He also had no face left.

Not gonna lie, that was rough.”

3. All those eyes.

“Me and a friend decided to take our 4x4s and go camping in the mountains.

I wake up middle of the night because I need to take a piss. So I put on my headlamp and I walk a bit further from camp and as I’m doing my business, I hear rocks ruffle behind me as if they’re being walked on. Anxiety rises. I finish up and turn around, and as my headlamp faintly lights up the area around me. All I see eyes, about 20 of them and just staring at me. My breathing stops. And I literally freeze where I’m standing. And then I hear a “maaa’aaa(goat blest)”.

It was a fucking herd of mountain goats that were intrigued by the ape in their backyard. Almost gave me an aneurysm.”

4. What are you doing here?

“My husband and I were hiking up a mountain in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s perpetually muddy due to a large number of waterfalls along the sides of the trail, so there’s no way you can avoid getting at least a little dirty.

Around an hour and a half up the trail, we passed two men wearing black suits, black hats, black glasses, holding black leather briefcases and wearing black dress shoes. Completely clean dress shoes. And immaculately clean, pressed pants. Not a spot of dirt or a wrinkle on either of their clothes.

As we passed each other, one of them whispered something in German. I looked back at them and they were both standing still and looking back at us, staring.

It was all so surreal.”

5. Summer camp.

“When I was about 7 or 8, my parents sent me to a local summer camp that they would pick me up from in the afternoons. I never really liked it because the kids were mean, everything was either broken or not clean, and the counselors obviously didn’t care.

I remember the girl’s changing room had a door that lead out to the woods but the doorknob was gone so it was unlocked all the time and you could see into it. This was primarily where the girls changed into their bathing suits and there was usually someone blocking the view while we changed so the boys couldn’t look in.

Well, one day I’m changing alone and someone wasn’t blocking the door. I look over and see an eye peeping in through the hole watching me change. I pull the rest of my clothes back on quickly and run out to tell my twin brother. I tell my dad that I don’t want to go back to that camp anymore and he begrudgingly takes us out of the camp pretty soon after because he knew how much we hated it.

Years later, the camp has been closed down for many many years and I’m asking my dad about it. He gets really grim and tells me it shut down because a 13 year old boy had raped 7 year old girl in the woods right behind the girl’s bathroom a few weeks after I had told him about someone watching me change.”

6. Bigfoot?

“Cowlitz River. Washington State.

Camping with my dad and sister me buddies, early 90s. Something was throwing rocks and sticks into our camp. We shined a flashlight out and caught a reflection of eyes and a silouete. Very very tall. Kept throwing stuff in our camp randomly for about 15 minutes. We just stoked the fire really high. In the morning I woke up to heavy footsteps in our camp and something reeked. Woke up my dad.

He shook the tent and yelled. Whatever it was ran off.”

7. Scary.

“My girlfriend and I were hiking along some abandoned railroad tracks and we get to a small bridge going over a little creek. I’m about to go explore under the bridge when she points something out. I look over and in the woods across from us I see a guy.

I’m like whatever and keep headed down to the creek area and then the guy stands up and he’s naked. We immediate back track pretty quickly to get away from there and once were like 1 minute down the trail I look back and this naked dude is just standing in the middle of the trail watching us walk away.”

8. Abandoned building.

“So when I was 15, my friends and I liked to climb abandoned buildings.

We found one down my the river. About 3 stories high and in pretty bad condition. I remember there were no stairs initially and we had to pull ourselves up. We climbed to the top via broken stairs after that. At the top was a small open room where someone was living.

We walked in to look around and immediately noticed the walls were covered in pictures. Pictures of women tied up, naked, obviously in pain in all sorts of positions. Some appeared dead but they were from magazines. We never got out of a building and away from an area so fast.

Looking back, it was probably just serious bdsm porn but 15 year old me dipped out.”

9. Interrupters.

“Walking on the beach with my boyfriend and we had walked to a giant rocky cliff to makeout.

Somebody was just gazing at the ocean, crying and shaking. Mind you, this is late at night, like around 9:30 pm. We asked him if he was ok, he apologized and practically ran back down the cliff (away from the dangerous areas).

My boyfriend and I watched him until he reached the public area and decided to call it a night. Im pretty sure he was going to jump.”

10. No way!

“This took place in the Australian bush around 10/11 at night.

I was 17, leading a staggered column of about 60 Cadets to our detachment campsite. Due to light discipline rules, only myself at the very front of the group and the other flight commander at the rear had torches on. This was so that any vehicles coming along the trail could see us and so that most of the cadets could maintain their night vision(we were camouflaged up and thus difficult to see at night).

As we walked along I periodically looked to my sides, and kept seeing what looked like dew drops on the ground. Almost like tiny blue gems glinting in my torch light either side of the road.I had to maintain my position in the formation, so I couldn’t get a good look at what they were.

However, after a while we stopped for a very brief break, and I took the opportunity to have a closer look. Walking over to the side of the trail I spotted a small cluster of the “diamonds” and focused my head torch on them. Rather than seeing diamonds or dew drops or anything remotely pleasant, I instead saw a group of about 5 large spiders just crouching in the leaf litter and staring at me.

They looked like huntsmans which are about the size of an adults hand. Sweeping my head around, I realised there were thousands of the things. All over the ground, some on the trunks of trees, and everywhere around me; glaring at the light affixed to my head.

I had a very brisk walk back to the formation and attempted to play it cool while screaming in my head. Being a massive Arachnophobe, I have no fucking clue how I managed to set up a tent and spend the next week in that cursed forest.”

11. Won’t do that again.

“I was in a large wooded area near my bf’s home, with him, hanging out nearly at midnight. We had gone in pretty deep and it required a good amount of climbing. The closest path was maybe 5-7 min climbing down so it was highly unlikely someone could be at that spot, that time of the night, besides us.

As we were kissing and stuff he thought he saw a shadow move 20 – 25 feet to the left of us, climbing, but it stopped suddenly when my bf looked at it. He told me to be wary and that exact moment we saw a dark figure climbing a little up but diagonally, like he tried to go directly above where we were.

We didn’t move and watch him till he closed the horizontal gap and was directly above us maybe 15 feet of steep downhill thick forest. Then he began to come towards us.

Without skipping a bit my bf grabbed my hand and we almost ran downhill till the path. We made it in less that two minutes while still holding hands and listening to the man running behind us. We ran as fast as we could down the path and out of the forest where there was a cafe and some basketball and tennis courts next to the wooded hill, and of course, people.

As we realised we came really close to be mugged or worse, we vowed never to go there at night again.”

12. OH MY GOD.

“I found the body of a murdered woman in the woods when I was 10.

I was collecting cans to trade in for money and walked to a party spot in the woods and she was lying face-down in the grass. This was in ’97 or so and I found out a few years ago it’s become the center of a local urban legend and the story going around is quite different than what I experienced.

It messed me up pretty bad for a while.”

13. On the outskirts.

“I used to work in low income home weatherization, basically giving free shit away to help lower electricity and gas bills and make the home more comfortable to people who really needed it; installing doors and insulation and so forth.

One step in qualifying a home is testing combustion appliances to make sure they’re not emitting carbon monoxide into the living space, because if they are and we seal up the house we could kill the whole family.

During a pre-inspection of a home on the outskirts of the city, I ask to see the owner’s water heater. He tells me that it’s in the basement, which is fairly normal, and I tell him I have to inspect it before work can start. So, he goes into the kitchen and starts moving the refrigerator. Turns out the entry into the basement is underneath carpeting beneath the fridge. I should note that I went and did thousands of homes over the years, and had never seen such a thing.

But, whatever, needs to be done regardless and so I pull out my flashlight and shine it down the stairs, to check out the layout but really to look for black widow spiders because fuck black widows. At this point I notice a dead cat, mostly down to a skeleton. Not my favorite sight but really common in crawlspaces and basements. I take a few steps down the stairs and continue my spider check, and notice another couple of small animal skeletons.

At this point I start to worry about gas, or poisons, or something equally dangerous, and start looking closer. There are animal skeletons everywhere, at least ten on a cursory look. Some of them are so degraded I can’t determine what they used to be. I also happen to notice that this guy is waiting at the entrance a little too quietly, with his hand on the door.

Something clicks in my brain and I get this immense sense of danger. I’m about four steps from the door being clear to close, I have no partner on the job with me, there’s death all around me, and I realize just how hidden the entrance to the basement really was.

I noped the fuck out, told the guy I needed extra tools and would be back, and marked the job as non-feasible for health and safety as I was driving away. I have no idea if I was actually in any danger, it could have been completely innocent; but I still remember the adrenaline rush and sense of doom, and sometimes you just don’t take chances.

What about you?

Have you ever seen any scary stuff out in the middle of nowhere?

If so, talk to us in the comments!