13 People Share The Funny Everyday Moments In Marriage

Anyone who has been married will tell you that the days, weeks, months, and years are just made up of moments – some of them are challenging, others are sweet, still more are funny, and together, they build into the memories you take forward.

The funny moments are the ones that can keep you going through the tough times, if you ask me, and these 13 people have some pretty hilarious memories to prop them up when they need it.

13. Turnabout is fair play.

If one of us gets to wallow in bed the other one should, too.

12. You always want to make sure and tell your friends. Or your mom.

You never really know anyone.

11. Don’t you even know who you married?

Because that’s not it!

10. What a nice description.

I bet you’re about to get a big Amazon order.

9. Chandler Bing in the house.

It just matters that you make supportive noises when they talk.

8. I’m going to have to object to that one.

Just tell me it’s there and that will do.

7. Thank goodness for Google.

And Alexa just takes it to the next level.

6. I’m sure she didn’t take it personally.

Or you’d better hope she didn’t anyway.

5. Everyone is happy that way.

Although in front of the television is also a valid option.

4. Two weirdos in a pod.

But seriously slippers are lovely.

3. It’s a miracle they’re still married.

Honestly this is the fastest way out if you want it.

2. Those are grounds for a divorce.

And the panic attack is definitely warranted.

1. A classic husband move.

You’ve just gotta laugh.

Yeah, you’ve gotta be able to laugh at the absurdity, otherwise it’s just no fun at all.

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