Woman Wants to Know if She’s Wrong for Tricking Her Boyfriend Into Eating Vegan Food

Here we go with the vegan food again…it never ends!

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AITA for “tricking” my boyfriend into eating vegan?

“I (f21) am vegan and have been so for for several years. I started dating “John” (m22) about three and a half months.

We’ve gotten along wonderfully except for this past issue. When we went out to dinner for the first time I told him I was vegan when ordering my dish and he just kind of went “oh, cool” and started talking about something else. It never really came up ever again as a point of discussion, though when he’s come over and I’ve made lunch/dinner it’s always been dishes.

I’ve never tried to actively hide this from him. When he asked what we were having I’d say things like “burgers” and I assumed that he knew it would naturally be something like impossible burgers.

For Christmas neither of us could afford to travel home and neither are very close to our families so we had Christmas at my apartment and I cooked dinner, vegan lasagna. After dinner we were watching some cooking show and a contestant was making something with fake meat.

John commented how he hated when dishes pretended to be meat when it was plant based and it was deceptive and gross and he would never eat that. I was naturally very confused and pointed out that he’s eaten that several times. When he questioned me I explained that dinner had been entirely vegan with fake meat and every time he’s eaten at my place it’s been a vegan dish.

He got really mad. I’m trying to keep this post concise but he accused me of tricking him into eating something he found disgusting and “forcing” my diet on him. I said he was stupid for being mad at this and he said it would be the same as if he had tricked me into eating meat. I said it wasn’t the same because I was morally opposed to eating meat but nobody was morally opposed to eating plants. We argued some more and he left and went home. He hasn’t been over since.

Yesterday I texted him trying to smooth things over and hoping he’s cooled down. He wrote a few paragraphs about how betrayed he felt. He said that he hoped I understood how disappointed he felt that I would tamper with his food like that, and that something like this was a serious betrayal of his trust.

He said I should have disclosed that none of the food I ever made contained meat. He finished it by saying he would come over for New Years only if I apologized for lying to him.

I got frustrated and said that I didn’t lie, that this wasn’t something I should apologize for, and he was being stupid and childish. He hasn’t replied.”

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