She Refuses to Serve a Vegan Meal for Her Friend at Her Wedding. Is She Wrong?

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Hey, I’m not talking trash about vegans specifically, it just seems like they’re involved in more than their share of stories from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page.

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AITA for refusing to provide a vegan meal at my wedding because my friend missed the RSVP deadline?

“I (30f) am getting married next Saturday.

My friend since college Rachel (32f) is a newly turned vegan. She started being one back in November. I got a call from her yesterday asking what vegan options I will have. I told her none because we already picked the menu back in July, and we are doing BBQ.

Rachel got mad at me and said as the bride and host, it’s my job to make sure she is fed. I told her she would’ve been fed had sent back the RSVP by the correct date. Besides, changing anything on the menu, even for a single person, adds a late fee to my caterer because the menu had to be finalized almost two weeks ago.

She said she won’t come if there are no vegan options but I asked her if it was the other way around, would she serve meat and she said no because it goes against her beliefs. I asked what she would have me do and she said that if I didn’t like it then I could bring my own food. So I suggested she do the same and hung up in her face.

My fiancé (32m) is with me on this but some people in the bridal party think that since my caterer does offer individual meals (vegan) I should pay the late fee and the additional meal fee so Rachel can eat (total would be almost $120). They also said I knew she was vegan and should not have needed an RSVP to anticipate Rachel’s needs.

AITA for not doing this? I would’ve included it had she brought this up before the deadline but she didn’t, and she’s known about my wedding for the entire two years I was engaged.”

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