Woman Wants to Know if She’s Wrong for Not Trading Shifts With a Co-worker

Co-workers sure can be pushy sometimes, huh?

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But that doesn’t mean you always have to give in to their demands…check out this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” about a woman who wonders if she’s a jerk for not trading shifts with a co-worker.

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AITA for telling my coworker I won’t trade shifts?

“I (f34) have been at my current job for almost a year now, but I have worked in the hotel industry for almost 10 years now. As a result I have learned not to ever plan to have a holiday off. During this time I have never had Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Years off. That holidays will almost always go to coworkers that have kids first.

Well onto my conundrum. My coworker (m55) approached me about trading shifts for Christmas. I lucked out immensely this year and got the 23-25 off. Mainly because another coworker has gone on vacation and won’t be back until that time. My coworker approached me last night asking me if I had plans. Which I do, planning to the parental units, they both had 2 rounds of covid and I had one. So I want to see them for one holiday at least.

So I told him as such. And he then asked me if I was willing to trade shifts. I’m really not, he then said he should get it off because he has kids, although they are grown, and he has seniority. Which massively rubbed me the wrong way.

So am I the a**hole for telling my coworker no that I wouldn’t trade shifts so he can spend time with his family?”

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This reader said this woman is NTA and she also doesn’t even need to give an excuse if she doesn’t want to.

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Another individual agreed and said it’s no one’s business what they do during their time off.

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And this Reddit user said that people do trade shifts with each other but this person sounds pretty pushy.

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