She Wants to Keep Her Work Bonus for Herself. Is She Wrong?

How would you react if your partner believed that you should share a bonus from your job that you worked hard for?

I guess every situation is different, but a woman took to Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page to see what the readers there thought about her story.

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AITA for expecting my work bonus to be mine?

“My (f40) husband (m39) has been in charge of our finances for our entire relationship. I have no online access to our bank account though I do have an ATM card. He has his own separate account that I have no access to as well.

He manages all of the bills minus my credit card which I opened recently. I get a weekly payment that he approves and I am expected to buy groceries, my gas, and I get a small allowance (assuming my groceries stay under budget which rarely happens because two teenage children and rising costs).

With the holidays I put on a little bit of additional money on my card. Just around 250 dollars.

I knew I was going to have a 200 dollar bonus from my job so I said several times that I was going to use that to pay my card. I said it on at least 3 occasions.

Today I found out the money went in the bank 3 days ago and he already spent it. I got upset and we had an argument and I cried.

He told me it was our money and went to our bills but I wouldn’t even know if that was true.

Am I the a**hole for being upset?”

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This reader said that it sounds like there are much bigger issues going on in this marriage.

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And this person said that this woman needs to take some important steps because her husband is so controlling.

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Another Reddit user said she needs to stop this and open her own account with the money she works for.

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