This Guy Asks if He’s a Jerk for Asking His Wife to Wear Contact Lenses to an Event Instead of Her Glasses


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AITA for asking my wife to wear contact lenses to an event?

“This happened a few weeks ago but my (30M) wife (30F) is still upset about it, so I am bringing this to Reddit.

My company had a Christmas party a few weeks ago, and employees were allowed to bring their significant others. It was a fairly fancy event and everyone was expected to dress up. When my wife came downstairs ready to get in the car to go to the restaurant where the event was being held, she was wearing appropriate clothing for a fancy dinner, but she was wearing her glasses.

I gently asked if she would mind putting on contact lenses just for the night, since this was a fancy event. She looked shocked and said she didn’t understand why she would need to put on contacts. My wife has terrible eyesight and wears glasses every day, but will put on contacts if she’s doing something like skiing or surfing or playing sports, but she also usually puts on contacts for special occasions like the one we were about to go to.

I reminded her of this, and she said she didn’t want to put contacts in and asked continuously if I’m unattracted to her when she wears glasses, but after some back and forth, she begrudgingly agreed to go put on contacts.

Well, when we got to the restaurant, coworkers and their significant others were walking around the room mingling, and my wife turned to me fuming. She immediately noticed that several women were wearing glasses and she went off about how she couldn’t believe that I had the audacity to force her to put on contacts when clearly no one at the event gave a s**t.

I guess me asking her to wear contacts led her to believe that no one else in the room would be wearing glasses, even though I never said that. I just wanted her to look her best at this important work event. I really don’t get why this has blown up the way it has.

This happened over 2 weeks ago and my wife is still acting cold towards me and makes remarks under her breath that I’m an a**hole and that I don’t find her attractive. I don’t think I’m an a**hole and I think she’s being ridiculous and insecure, but she will not let go of this.


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