13+ People Share the One Thing They Always Say Yes To

Image Credit: Pixabay

There are so many times in life that you pretty much have to say “no.” Whether because you’re too busy, or you simply don’t think we’ll enjoy something, if you’re not careful, saying no becomes practically de rigueur.

But it’s important to remember that one of the best things you can do for yourself (and everyone around you) is to say “yes” whenever you can. To that end, here are 13+ times people have found they can always nod in assent, and it’s worth taking a look.

#15. Space Game

“Playing “the space game” with my kid. I don’t really have to do much more than agree to play and he loves it. All we do is muse on how the engine of our spacecraft is running, missions we’re on, etc. I mostly just agree with the things he comes up with. Our cats are tribbles and sometimes they do funny things. An added bonus, he puts away his lunchbox and backpack with no fuss at all if I just say he needs to put his jet pack on the charging station and take care of his nutritional rations.

One day he mentioned that I always say yes to the space game, and that it made him happy. That not all adults would do that, lots of times they’re too busy. Then my heart exploded and I got to feel like I’ve done a small thing right.”

#14. Safety measures

“My girlfriend… for safety measures…”

#13. It’s a problem

“Helping people, if it’s within my capabilities.

It’s a problem.”

#12. Hanging out with friends

“Providing I’m not at work or too sick to move, if a friend asks if I want to hang out, I’ll always say yes. I enjoy hanging out with friends, so that’s reason enough, but I also want them to know that if they ever need me, I’m there. If a friend needs a shoulder, I’m there. If friends need help moving, I’ll be the first to offer. If they’re just bored and wanna grab a drink, I’m game.”

#11. You talked me into it

“Me: “I don’t feel like going out”

Anyone: “Wanna go drinking and dancing?”

Me: “Absolutely”

#10. Always say yes

“I’m a courier and deliver to my local radio station. They sometimes ask if I’d like to request a song. Always say yes.”

#9. Coffee

“My wife: It’s almost midnight. Suppose it’s too late for coffee don’t you think?

Me: Yes.

Wife: You’re still getting some?

Me: Yes”

#8. Can you say yes while sprinting for the door?

“When my employer asks if I want to go home early.”

#7. It doesn’t even have to be Tuesday

“Do you want tacos?”

#6. Daddy…

“My kids. “Daddy can we go to the park?” Ok “Daddy can we order pizza?” Ok Daddy can we go swimming?” It’s too cold outside but we’ll drive to the nearest indoor pool.”

#5. Almost anything

“You want me to do something I don’t want to do? Promise me food. Free food will get me to do almost anything.”

#4. Gotta take advantage when I can

“Sex. I don’t get as much as I used too so I gotta take advantage when I can.”

#3. Amen

“Poutine. Every time.”

#2. Universal yes

“Do you hate mosquitoes?”

#1. Rub a dub

“Tub time with larry king.”

Next time, I’m saying yes, too!