13 People Share The Unsolved Cases That They’d Love To Solve

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my obsession with true crime it’s that there are so many more unsolved cases then I ever could have imagined. So many disappearances, murders, and just plain conspiracy theories waiting to be solved, and so many that probably never will be.

If we could change that, these are the 14 cases people would choose to solve first, if they could do such a thing.

13. A good theory.

Why did the civilizations in the Bronze Age disappear? What happened to them? What was the cause of their demise?

I think the prevailing theory is that it was a series of pretty badly timed disasters. A series of earthquakes occurred during a severe drought that triggered a big refugee event.

12. A brush with fame.

Young nurse in Saskatoon, SK, Canada in 1962 who disappeared then two weeks later was found dead and partially buried near a river flowing through the city. The year before she was in a beauty Queen contest and won. The grand prize was that she was serenaded on stage by none other than Johnny Cash. Cash vacationed in the area and had co-written a song called The Girl From Saskatoon. Upon hearing of her death, Cash swore he’d never play or record the song again.

The case remains unsolved.

Except her next door neighbour was a guy who in 1929 was the young unwilling accomplice in a series of murders in California. His story was part of a 2008 Hollywood movie.

11. Not a satisfying answer.

An obscure one: the 1987 Arkansas murders of Don Henry and Kevin Ives, the “Boys on the Tracks.”

Unsolved mysteries covered this. Wrong place at the wrong time?

10. I think they drowned.

I’m surprised this isn’t mention it but what happen to the Anglin brothers or the escapees of the inescapable Alcatraz.

They made the most genius plan on escaping an inescapable prisonI am curious on what happen to them afterwards, little to no evidence was found and they just escape without a trace.

9. We all want answers.

My father’s murder.

I just want to know who the hell killed him, it’s been 21 years already I don’t even want vengeance just answers.

8. It’s definitely bizarre.

I desperately want to know what happened to Flight 370. Sure there are a shit ton of theories, but the plane has still never been found, and as such it’s basically impossible to know what actually happened.

Hijacking? Suicide? Malfunction? Conspiracy? We will probably never known. But damn do I want to.

7. Into thin air.

I’m from SW Missouri. Our big mystery is the case of “the 3 missing women”.

A mother, her daughter and the daughters best friend disappeared on graduation night. Happened in the early 90s.

Lots of wild theories of who and what happened to them.

6. I vote Brazil.

I want to know where that French guy is who killed his whole family.

5. It changes everyone.

Kidnapping of Morgan Nick

I was 10 and lived not even 10 minutes from the ball field at the time even playing on it as a child.

So that case has been extremely close to me growing up.

4. They must have!

What was Andrew Cunanan’s real reason for killing Giovanni Versace, and did they really know each other.

3. We’d all like to know.

Oslo Plaza woman. I want to know who she is! WhT happened to her?

2. Alternate universe.

I have somehow lost a dozen pocket knives over time… Where do they go? Is someone pranking me for 30 years?

Have I stabbed people and blocked it out? I have to know!!!

1. The entire world is interested.

Genghis Khan.

Why has no one said this yet?

Man I would LOVE to know where his body is.

All of these are on my “most obsessed with” list, too. Somebody has to know something!

What’s a case you really, really wish would get solved? We want the details in the comments.