Read These Unsolved Mysteries People Would Really Like To Solve

There are so many unsolved mysteries in this world that it honestly boggles the mind. I couldn’t wrap my head around the true number even if someone knew what it was, which they totally don’t.

That said, if you’re a true crime junkie then you likely have the cases that bother you the most – the one you really, really need answers to before you die.

Those are exactly what these 13 cases are for these people, and honestly, some of these are on my list, too.

13. Mistakes were made.

The Springfield Three.

I lived in Springfield when it happened. Can’t help but think if their friends hadn’t cleaned up the house the next morning, it would have been solved in a week.

12. He has to be somewhere.

Kyron Horman.

7 year old disappeared after a science fair in 2010. No body found or anything. Last year was the 10 year mark which is crazy cause I remember watching the news story when it first happened.

From what I remember there was some blaming between the step parents and the bio parents since the step mom was last to see him, but no charges against either were made.

11. Poor Lizzie. Probably.

I have two: why did Agatha Christie disappear for 11 days and whether or not Lizzie Borden killed her parents.

10. It’s just so weird.

The Tamám Shud case/Somerton Man case. It’s just so weird, I want to know what the hell happened.

For the unaware: December 1, 1948 (had to check date) an unknown man shows up dead in a public park bench in southern Australia. He had American made products on him, a plane ticket with a false name, an unused ticket out of town, and a ticket into town. They also found a piece of paper on him with “Tamam Shud” was found rolled up in his pants.

This is the extent of what is actually known about the man. Tamam Shud is from a book (a special edition of “Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.” It’s the last words of the edition and translates to “finished”) they found that the man had thrown into the backseat of a random car (at least as far as anyone knows it was random, no one in the house knew who the man was).

Police think he looked “britishier” than his effects showed, but that’s also just speculation. No camera footage was found, the used tickets had no information that lead to the man’s identification, and what few marks WERE on the man’s clothing provided no leads.

They didn’t seem to be the man’s name, nor the name of any dry cleaners in the entire country. What dry cleaners there were, the man was wearing a suit, didn’t recognize the man, nor had any record of servicing the man’s clothing.

9. I also really want to know.

The Keddie cabin murders have always been really intriguing to me.

8. Insane for sure.

The Dresden Green Vault robbery from a couple years ago, not a serial killer thing like most others in this comment section but this one is insane to me, not every day a couple people get away with a 1 billion euro heist.

My favorite part is that the alarms go off after the cameras kick back on, there is an audi reported to be associated with the robbery, and 5 minutes later an audi is found on fire.

7. It’s certainly intriguing.

Honestly, the Jack the Ripper stuff. There’s speculation that he skipped town and came to the US and became known as a different serial killer.

I’d like to know if that’s true.

6. Sometimes it’s personal.

My grandfather’s murder. He was robbed at gunpoint… the gun they used was his.

This happened when my mom was very young.

5. Both solid answers.

Sister Catherine Cesnik

And the Dyatlov pass incident.

4. We all want answers.

The Delphi murders.

Two 14 year old little girls murdered. One of them got a video of a guy who approached them on the bridge near where their bodies were found.

The police are being very sketchy and releasing very few details. The victims would be graduating high school this year and we are no closer to knowing what happened to them.

3. We’ll probably never know.

There is a lot of stuff we “know” based on what the government (any, not just the US) let’s us know/let’s “slip.”

I want to know what the things are that we DON’T know about. What are the real secrets hidden away behind so many layers of tape, security and reactions that when someone DOES come out and report are either “disappeared,” “completed suicide,” or denounced and placed in advance psychiatric care.

2. They just can’t close it.

My grandmothers murder. Police botched the case and made all evidence regarding the two main suspects inadmissible in court.

So they were pretty sure they knew who was responsible but they couldn’t use the evidence so the case has been open for 30 years now.

1. A sad state of affairs.

It would be tough to choose because of the sheer amount of women and children who have gone missing.

I’d feel guilty no matter which I chose.

I don’t understand how some of these have never been solved, because someone has to know something.

What’s your pet true crime case? If it’s not on this list, share it with us in the comments!