11 People Share the Worst Things about Their Jobs

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The only person I can think of who might not have ever complained about their job was probably Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.

Everybody’s got something, no matter the job.

I get hot under the collar if I have to repeat myself too many times, or take a meeting that could have been an email. My husband’s biggest irritation is not knowing how many hours he will be expected to work on a give day. Any job that is public facing is going to have its share of trouble. At Blockbuster, back in the day, I got yelled at by a customer over 11 cents.


In honor of that 11 cents, here are what 11 people found most annoying about their own jobs.

1. Customers

Customer Service is hard enough when your boss has your back. Imagine how terrible it would be when your boss is just as bad as the customers!

My current job is so annoying. My boss has no idea what customer service is, and yells at me for trying to help customers. Then yells at me because we're low on jobs.

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2. Rudeness

“People are so rude” – it’s funny because it’s true. But am I the only one distracted by the fact that this gas station looks like a teapot?

Working on a gas station has got to be the most annoying job ever. Hi how are you? $20 on pump 7. People are so rude.

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3. Liquor stores

I was today-years-old when I learned these are called “off-license” in the UK. So now you know, in case anyone ever asks. But yes, I can totally imagine them being full of smarty pants trying to show off how smart their pants are.

Liquor stores are the worst. Gotta card everyone and they get pissed off. Then you have drunks who come in and you gotta deny them. Usually have to throw them out as well.

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4. Dollar Tree

Scheduling doesn’t have to be rocket science. And it doesn’t have to be abstract art either.

Dollar Tree is an annoying place to work. The schedule was basically a secret so I'd come over at 3am eveyrday just to know if I worked or not.

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5. Life Guards

People just assume you’re a servant or jack-of-all-trades. It might be fun to come up with some clever, smart aleck responses.

When I was life guarding at a resort people would ask me the most ridiculous questions. Do you guys deliver pizza? Can I park there? Can I have a towel? How much to stay another night?

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6. Walmart

I would 100% believe this. They don’t even need to give a reason why. We all know.

Walmart is literally the most annoying job ever.

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7. Corporate call centers

The larger the company, the less they care. It feels like a generally true rule-of-thumb. Also, what a way to inspire the best in your employees.

Worked in a call center for a large data storage and shredding company. No employee there was treated as a person. We were all treated like things, and told how replaceable we were.

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8. Grocery stores

I can only attest that it’s awfully busy during the after church rush.

Working at a grocery store has its annoying moments. The Sunday church crowd was the worst.

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9. Kids’ playplace

I don’t doubt it for a second. The parents are generally much worse than the kids.

Working at a kid's play center was the worst. Parents are total a**holes.

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10. Stripping

No further explanation needed. Seriously.

My side job is stripping. It's good money but probably the most annoying job I've ever had...

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11. Literally everything

You know it’s time for a break from people… when literally everyone you encounter is the worst.

When I worked at Victoria's Secret, the job itself wasn't bad, but my manager was awful. The coworkers and customers were dumb af and annoying.

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Those are all absolutely some of the most annoying jobs I’ve ever heard of.

And there’s a fairly common theme: customers.

I’ve long said everyone should have to work in customer service at some point, so that they can be kinder to the people serving them in the future.

What do you think? Got any job woes to share? Drop them in the comments.