10 Customers Who Should Have Been Banned for Life

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I have long said that everyone should be forced to work in customer service at some point in their lives.

If nothing else, I think it would help people to be better, more empathetic customers.

Sadly, people behave in some pretty astounding ways when they are out in public, like these 10 customers who had no shame.

1. Consider yourself lucky it wasn’t on the floor

I wonder if the kid will ever live that story down.

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2. Turns out, when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go

Benefit of the doubt, he forgot where he was and thought it was a toilet stall?

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3. 40-year-old frat party

Move over college, that’s some sociopathic-level hi-jinks right there.

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4. And you thought pee was bad…

The toddler is one thing, but the entitlement and lack of shame wafting off that mom!

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5. This is almost next-level “no F’s were given”

Accidents happen. Just pretend everything’s normal and no one will notice it was you.

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6. I may never look at a fitting room the same

Was she related to the drunk guy though?

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7. Customer Service in any industry is not paid enough

No matter what they are paid, it is not enough. The public are animals.

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8. But wait, it gets worse

You thought it couldn’t get worse, didn’t you?
That will teach you to think.

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9. Drugs and McD’s, never a winning combination

If I turn my head and squint and try really hard I can think of grosser places.

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10. Who knew K-Mart was a popular hookup spot?

To be fair, it seems like no one is using the restroom for its intended purpose, so why not?

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I hope every one of these poor Customer Service employees has health insurance with excellent therapy coverage, because oh my goodness.

Can you imagine walking in to find ANY of this? Please don’t tell me you have a worse story, but if you do, share it in the comments.