13 People Share Their Craziest Rest Stop Stories

I’ve seen WAY too many horror movies in my life, but I can say one thing for sure: rest stops are creepy places.

You never know who you’re going to run into at one and you DEFINITELY shouldn’t go at night…especially if you’re alone.

Are you ready to hear some weird stories from folks on the road?

Let’s get creepy with AskReddit users.

1. Oh my!

“This happened a few weeks ago.

I was parked at an Autohof (truck stop in Germany), and making my 9 hours of continuous rest.

At one point in the night I wake up because I had to take a leak, but as soon as I woke I heard unfamiliar sounds around my truck. I peeked outside from my bed, and could see a car parked uncomfortably close to my drivers side diesel tank.

I knew what they were doing: stealing my god d*mned diesel.

So, I grabbed my bread knife and climbed out of the truck on the passenger side, crawled under the trailer, and stabbed the b*stard in his arm. Screamed like the rat he is. His buddy started the car and took off.

When I called the police to explain what happened, all I was told was “well, I hope for your sake that he won’t press charges.””

2. Grossed out.

“I got a lot of weird attention as a female truck driver, but the most creepy feeling was the time I was at a massive truck stop that had a reputation for having lot lizards.

When I walked back to my truck as the sun was going down I had several people shout to me to come to their truck, and how much, etc. It was so gross feeling.”

3. Don’t come back.

“Not mine but my husband’s.

He hitchhiked a lot in his early 20s. He was in Pennsylvania and slept overnight at a rest stop. He was outside, near some bushes in his sleeping bag. Apparently a lady approached him and believed he was dead (I don’t know why). She called the police.

He had woken up and packed up his things and was down by the highway when the police arrived. They questioned him aggressively and accused him of trying to pull something.

Eventually they let him go but told him to leave PA and never come back.”

4. No way!

“I asked my Dad this question. We both drive together now, but he’s a 26 year old trucking veteran of the industry.

This is what he told me:

This was some years ago. He pulled into a rest area one afternoon to take a nap and make himself something to eat. Normal rest area, nothing out of the ordinary. There’s one spot left and he pulls in and he realizes most of the trucks there are all for a circus.

There is one spot left on the very far end and he takes it. The truck next to him is hauling a very unique load. The tractor had the logo for the circus and the trailer was covered in a tarp, but the side flap had been pulled up. Through the exposed tarp, he could see below it were the bars to a cage.

…inside the cage were two bengal tigers. Just sitting there chilling about. At eye level. I guess you never realize how big these cats are. Bengal Tigers…are…very…very…LARGE.

I guess being less than five feet from something that could eat you was just too freaky for him because he decided he could make it to the next rest area and boogied it out of there.”

5. Twister.

“On my very first run I had to go from Dallas to Detroit (yay me) and when I got into Kansas I watched as three tornados set down around me so I decided it was time to stop.

I pulled into a rest area, jumped out and ran to the storm shelter part. I would peek out from time to time to see what was happening and at one point my truck and trailer were rocking side to side so hard I thought they were either gonna flip of fly away.

That’s when my dispatcher called me to say he didn’t believe the weather was bad and I needed to get my *ss back on the road. Yeah, that didn’t happen. After about an hour when things finally settled down and I was sure it was over I got up and went to leave…

That’s when I realized two things. One: I was not the only one there. Two: I was in the women’s room with a mom and her daughter huddled in the stall waiting for it to be over. We just kind of looked at each other with the look that says it all and left…

Probably not what you came for but honestly rest areas were always quiet as hell for me other than that. I loved them”

6. It’s a wild world out there.

“So, when I was working for a logging company, I rode shotgun on a logging truck to pick up some extra hours. Turns out, theft of trucks was a big deal, even timber trucks.

We’re passing through Tennessee and hit a rest stop. The driver takes 40 winks and I hit the bathroom. In one stall, two furries are having rabid s*x. Another stands guard at the door and stares at me while I walk in.

I didn’t know what to do. I was so taken by surprise, that we stared at each other for a solid 30 seconds, all the while you hear the thrusting of wet s*x just feet away.

Suddenly, two more furries run into the bathroom. “The time is now!” They.screamed. I was sure they were going to kill me. “The time is now, the time is now.”

They rush out of the bathroom, not even acknowledging my existence. The pitcher and catcher run pants around ankles, flopping freely in the wind.

A flatbed truck rushes to the door. 2 more pop out! They bring jacks, and crowbars, and hoist the vending machines into the flatbed! Once done, they get in the truck and go. I look at our truck, and the driver is pissing himself laughing.

Turns out, the logging company owned the vending machines, and those crazy f*ckers punked the hell out of me!”

7. A weird one.

“My dad was a long haul trucker.

One night he pulled into a truck stop in Detroit. He got out of the truck, went into the restaurant and had dinner. When he came back to his truck, he opened the door and climbed into the drivers seat. Immediately he felt something strange, like he was sitting in someone’s lap.

He jumped out of the truck and saw a man sitting in the cab, wearing blue coveralls. He thought he was being robbed so he yelled into the truck
that whoever was in there better come out with his hands up, as my dad never left the truck without his nickel plated .357.

After a couple of minutes, no one came out, there was no movement in the truck, so my dad decided he was going to go in and get the son-of-a-b*tch. After opening the passenger door and looking inside, he realized that there was nobody in the truck. After a long sleepless night and an evening longer drive back to California, he finally arrived back at the yard.

After turning in his paperwork, he told one of the dispatchers about what had happened. The dispatcher turned pale white. He pulled my dad aside and asked him to verify the number on the truck. After he verified which truck it was, the dispatcher went even more pale.

He told my Dad that the truck he was driving was previously assigned to a a white guy who always wore blue coveralls, who got robbed and murdered (stabbed) in that very same truck, in Detroit, 2 years to the day that my Dad was there.

My Dad is a no BS kind of guy, so when he told me the story it changed everything I thought I knew about death…”.

8. So gross.

“I’m an EMT. One of our “posts” is at a pretty big truck stop.

We were posted here one night and I walked inside to go to the bathroom (we usually just stay in the ambulance unless we want a snack or something). I walk into a stall, do my business and walk back out to wash my hands. I look towards the sinks and see a large gentleman, naked from the waist down, washing his very soiled underwear in the sink.

Most people would have said “f*ck it” and left without washing their hands. However, since I’m at work and in uniform I have no choice but to walk up to the sink next to him and bear witness to this atrocity.

Fast forward one week. I’m at the same truck stop using the bathroom. I walk out of the stall and see another large gentleman pouring condensed Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup into a bowl and using water from the “underwear washing station” to dilute his delicious soup.”

9. That is awesome!

“One time on a road trip from Indiana to Virginia I made a pit stop in Kentucky to stretch my legs and take a leak.

As I approached the restroom, an entire Mariachi band (in full costume) exited the restroom one by one.”

10. OH MY GOD.

“When I was a child, my family took a road trip to California.

Late at night, we ended up stopped in traffic on the interstate leading into Albuquerque. After about an hour, my mom got out to talk with some people up ahead who had also gotten out of their cars.

She came back a little while later crying. A trucker told her that there was a rest stop a few miles ahead where a man had just shot his son and decapitated him and leading the cops on a chase with his son’s head in the car.

We were stuck there another 3 hours before they let traffic through.”

11. Total creep.

“I was driving to northern Michigan from southern Indiana. It was a 12 hour drive, so I left at 9 pm to drive through the night.

Stopped at a rest stop around 2 am, and went in to handle a good midnight poo. Bathroom is empty, as I expected, so I walk into the far side of the men’s room (it was divided into two separate sides) and settle in about halfway down the row of stalls. Then I hear the door. No big deal, everybody poops.

Then it gets weird.

I hear this person walk in the other half of the men’s room, then back out, and into my side. They then walk slowly, but quite obviously purposefully to the stall next to mine. Some of you see where this is going. I was not one of those people. He walks in and sits. No door closing. No pants dropping or belt buckle clanging. Just sitting.

I think this is odd, but write it off as unfounded paranoia. So about 5 minutes goes by, and the guy stands up, walks out and stands there. I assume (desperately hope) he’s just fixing his hair in the mirror. That’s when I look up. His eye is in the slit of my doorway, looking right back at me. We lock eyes, and I am frozen. Hoping he notices and breaks, I keep staring. He doesn’t so I say something. “Can I help you, pal?”

“You want a blowj*b?”

Now, I understand that there is a scene where this is a thing that happens. While I am not one who subscribes to this particular hobby, I’m sure there’s a certain etiquette involved. This was clearly not the case here. So, whatever it was, fear or anger, I don’t know, but I snapped. “No I don’t want a god d*mn blowj*b, get the f*ck out of here! NOW!”

He kind of scrambles out and my poo is completely ruined at this point. I rush out, watching my corners and door ways for Creepy McDoorpeeker. He’s just leisurely strolling back to his car while I am almost running.

Anyway, called the cops, they arrested him for whatever that would be called. Never looked up the police report or anything. It was the rest stop at mile 250 on Interstate 69. Always nervous in public p*ssers since.”

12. Surrounded.

“I have slept in a gang of rest stops.

The only one that really stands out is the last one, I was on a road trip to Tahoe and it was about 3am so I decided to stop. I went to the restroom and when I came out there were these two coyotes that were running around. I tried to throw something at them but they just ran in circles around me, I just strolled back to my car and leaned the seat back.

It sounded like something brushing up against the car so I sat up to see at least 25 coyotes running in circles around my jeep. Those f*ckers were watching me the whole time, and definitely could have taken me if they wanted to.”

13. My great uncle.

“Story from my recently deceased Great Uncle, who was a trucker for most of his life.

One day at a rest stop in Texas, he decides to kill some time by shooting at a 55 gallon drum with his 12 gauge Wingmaster 870. He’s blasting some holes with high brass, when two state troopers come speeding up.

He sees them jump out, he lowers his shotgun and just watches them approach. As they near him, one draws his duty weapon- and hands it to my uncle, saying, “Here, take some shots with this.”

My uncle hands him his shotgun and they take turns shooting the barrel until they get bored. Then they say their goodbyes, my uncle hops in his truck and heads on his way. Just one of many, many memorable stories he had.”

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