13 People Share Their Thoughts About Where They Think Kids Shouldn’t Be Allowed

Can we please stop with the kid-friendly breweries?

I’m not trying to be a jerk, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to different breweries and there are kids running around and screaming.

I’m sorry, I thought I was in an adult establishment!

Apparently not…

And now it’s time to hear from AskReddit users about places they think kids SHOULD NOT be allowed.

1. Good one.

“A strip club.

My first apartment with my husband was behind a strip club. One summer, my husband noticed on his way to work that a bunch of kids would hang out in the parking lot of the club looking at their phones.

He didn’t know why kids were hanging out in a strip club parking lot until a few days later when he was showing me Pokemon Go on his phone and we realized the strip club was a gym.”

2. Thank you for your service.

“Stop bringing children into my bar and complaining that I swear.

It’s a f**king bar.”

3. Creepy.

“Beauty pageants.

France banned child beauty pageants for kids under the age of 16. Aside from that, I don’t think there are any other western countries which practice child pageants, that have banned these pageants, unfortunately (correct me if I’m wrong).

The horrors displayed on the show Toddlers and Tiaras are enough evidence that these pageants are not safe for children.”

4. Scandalous store.


I was in there with my GF buying toys a while ago, a little girl is in front of us waiting for her mom to buy her Tshirt, then the mother gives me the stink eye as she grabs her kid and walks away.

Maybe don’t take your kid to a store that sells bongs and s** toys?”

5. I agree.

“On social media.

Even in 2023 some parents aren’t tech smart either “my daughter isn’t allowed a phone until she’s older” literally has an iPad with everything on – My know it all aunt”

6. Keep out.

“Tattoo shops.

Don’t bring your kid with you when you’re getting a tattoo, we’re not going to look after them and no they can’t just sit in a corner with an ipad.”

7. Please!

“Parents who bring infants into movie theaters are a special kind of stupid.

The kid won’t remember it. The kid will get scared by the volume. The kid is likely to ruin the movie for everyone else.

Please, for the love of f**k, keep your infants out of theaters.”

8. Sounds dangerous.


Your little kid shouldn’t be near heavy weights nor machines even if you are right there.

So sorry this gym doesn’t have a child care area, but it only takes a second to break some bones.”

9. Not good for them.

“Children below a certain age should not be allowed to or expected to spend long hours visiting people in a hospice facility. It’s no fun for a kid and can be scarring.

I get letting kids old enough to understand the situation visit, but screaming toddlers and badly behaved 10 year old who have almost no connection to the patient have no business being there. They are disruptive as hell.

People are there trying to d** peacefully. Rowdy kids running up and down the hall is disrespectful to everyone, patients/other guests/staff. I have a list of other things that shouldn’t be permitted, this is the only one that fits this thread.”

10. Sketchy.

“Recently went to Vegas for my brother’s bachelor party. I was shocked at the amount of people carting their kids around on the strip well past midnight.

We grew up as kids visiting Vegas once a year because my dad’s company sent him to a convention every summer. He took us and we were restricted to the hotel room, the buffet, and the pool. We never went to the strip past nightfall.”

11. Wow.

“To a rave.

Absolutely agree. I was an early 2000s raver and would occasionally see kids at some of the weekend long festivals. I was wandering around on acid and would see children and feel horrible.

Also at recoveries/afters, having people bring their babies/young kids because they couldn’t go to the rave itself but they could come to the afters…. Absolutely not. Just no.

There were sketchy, drug f**ked, d**nk people who’d been awake for a very long time, who sometimes didn’t have much control. Do not bring a child into an environment that volatile.”

12. LOL.

“A Steel Mill.

They lack the experience and frankly its just a safety hazard.”

13. Safe spaces.

“Most of the Internet.

Kids need their own spaces on the internet. They used to have them but stuff like Club Penguin shut down so they got pushed on to social media.

It doesn’t help that bad parents use youtube as a baby sitter.”

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