12 People Talk About the Companies They’d Like to Shut Down for Good

You’re shut down…FOR GOOD.

How satisfying would it be to be able to say that to the bigwigs at a company you really don’t like?

It would be amazing!

And today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about the companies they’d like to shut down for good.

1. Insanity.

“Explain to me the absolute clusterf**k and abomination of a company that Optum is.

It’s probably the worst company out there, always get things wrong, always overcharge, never know the answers to basic questions, and yet people choose to work there and companies choose to use them as a PBM.

It’s absolutely insane.”

2. Not buying it.


It’s a corporation that m**ders its employees if they try to escape.

Burn it to the ground.”

3. MLMs.


Along with Amway, Avon, and other MLM companies.”

4. Yuck.


Tickets 20$ okay cool…

Plus taxes, fees, shipping and handling, insurance, arbitrary fee, nonsense fee, exploration fee, parking fee

…that will be 189$ for nose bleed seats.”

5. Horrible.


A horrible company that barely pays employees in extremely dangerous work conditions in order to make poor quality clothing that could possibly have lead in their dyes?

And get teens/young women to buy so frequent that trends have now become micro-trends that turn over so fast they’re practically disposable and clog up both landfills and local thrift stores?”

6. Very unpopular.


Nestle would be my first choice for a country mile.

Granted I h&&e other companies but Nestle can go f**k themselves”

7. Destroyers.


I genuinely believe TikTok and other short-form entertainment are destroying the human attention span. It’s gotten so bad that some shorts are literally 2 completely unrelated videos stacked on top of each other.

Like some dingus telling you some fake facts being played above a minecraft parkour video, as if one of them by itself just isn’t enough to hold a person’s interest. Sometimes I get sucked into an endless stream of YouTube Shorts by accident and have to pry myself off of it.

It’s terrible for my motivation so I can barely imagine what it does to the youth.”

8. Big business.

“Wells Fargo.

This is my pick. They were just fined a couple billion AGAIN for doing the same s**t they get caught doing every couple years.

They’ll pay the measly fine, put out an “I’m sorry” ad, and then continue on as usual. Left them almost 20 years ago and was the best financial decision I ever made.”

9. Don’t have time for that.

“John Deere right now with the tractor software bullshit stopping farmers fixing their equipment.

If I need to harvest today before the rain, I don’t have time for an service appointment.”

10. Here you go.

“Bayer and everything they own.

Nestle and everything they own.


11. Ruthless.

“Irving Oil Company and all their subsidiaries here in NB Canada.

They pay off everything and everyone to get tax breaks, and have environment bills slashed. They have a monopoly on all the newspapers in NB so we never hear of what’s going on within. They pollute private property. Their refinery exceeds the dust limits in Saint John where they are based.

They were charged with gas price fixing. They quietly changed their climate policy to cut their carbon emissions. Many, many climate concerns with them but it doesn’t matter for the Premiere of the province (Blaine Higgs) is in their back pocket. “Mystery products” have been released into the air from the refinery. Operational problems since 2010 at the refinery has released ash in the air and they have given out gas cards to the residents (LMBO).

They plead guilty in a gasoline cartel case in Quebec. A man was k**led in ‘98 at an explosion, yet after a report was made to prevent similar occurrences it explodes again 20 yrs later. They plead guilty into the Lac Megantic disaster and paid an all too small fine.

Btw this is ALL on only the first page of google. Many people here believe NB would have nothing if it wasn’t for the Irving’s since they employ 1 in 12 people. Yet those who know about their schemes realize NB would have more competition and a larger population and economy without them pushing and threatening everything and anyone trying to get a foothold in the province.

They are as ruthless as their father KC Irving was. They fight their taxes and win. Our economy has been in hell all because of the effin Irvings.”

12. Poison.

“Ya’ll don’t know about Dupont?

They literally poisoned us for decades and are the reason most people are gonna get cancer, probably.

F**k DuPont.”

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