13 People Share Things They Could Say to Young Folks That They Wouldn’t Understand

Time flies, huh?

You better believe it!

And these kids today sometimes need a reminder that we old timers have been around the block!

AskReddit users talked about things they could say to young people that they wouldn’t understand.

Dig in!

1. That thing went on forever!

“The long phone cord that became elongated over time because it had been stretched over the river and through the woods.”

2. I remember…

“Waiting 2 hours to download a song on Napster only to find out Cotton Eyed Joe was spliced into the middle of it.”

3. The pop-in.

“There was a time when people just randomly showing up at your home for a visit was considered a good thing.

People would be out and about, and be like “Hey, Bob and Judy live around the corner, lets drop by!”

And you would be happy to have surprise guests.”

4. I got a page, bro.

“Is there a pay phone around?

Someone just paged me.”

5. Wow.

“A guy not much younger than me once asked me why we say to “hang up” the phone.

I had to sit down.”

6. Crazy times.

“Answering the phone without having any idea who was calling.

Pure chaos.”

7. Say what?!?!

“Told my kids about phone books.

They thought the idea was an invasion of privacy.”

8. High drama.

“When it snowed enough for school to be cancelled, you would get up at 5am and turn on the radio.

The announcer would read off all the schools that were having a snow day, in a rapid-fire auctioneer voice, in alphabetical order.

If you missed your town, you had to wait ten minutes for the list to be read again, desperately hoping you didn’t have to go to school.”

9. Way back in the day.

“Black & White TV and only 2 channels.

The national anthem at the end of the evening on your TV.”

10. Way different.

“When you took a picture, it would be days or weeks until you got to see it.

You’d put a little canister inside another little canister inside a paper envelope and drop it down a chute at the drug store. A few days later, they’d have your pictures printed out.

But all the pictures you took could be ruined if you forgot to finish winding the film before you took it out of the camera.”

11. Exciting stuff!

“A TV riding into the classroom on a cart so we could watch a laser disc, and the thing was like the size of a vinyl record!”

12. Do you remember?

“Shoving toilet paper in the holes of old cassettes so you could tape good music off the radio.

Also, a pencil being an important part of your music listening.”

13. Cliffhanger.

“Netflix used to ship discs with show episodes to you weekly, and you’d ship them back as you watched em.

Show ended on a cliffhanger?

No binging and finding out for you. Gotta wait a whole week for the next set to come in.”

What do you think you could say that a young person wouldn’t understand?

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