13 People Share TV Shows From Their Childhoods That No One Else Remembers

I’ve been wracking my brain and I can’t come up with a TV show from my childhood that no one else remembers…

But these folks on AskReddit sure do so they’re picking up the slack for me!

Thanks for that!

Enjoy these responses and see if you remember any of these programs!

1. Yes!

“Eerie, Indiana.

Specifically the human Tupperware episode.”

2. Hmmm…

“What Would You Do?

I also remember watching an animated show in the early to mid 2000s called Click and Clack on PBS about two guys that own a garage. I think it was based on some radio show hosted by the two main characters and they for some reason decided to make an animated show about it.

I watched a few episodes and actually enjoyed it but it completely disappeared from my psyche after that.

Shasta McNasty is another show people don’t remember.”

3. I can’t recall…

“Zoobaly Zoo.

1988 came on at like 5 am.

Before Mister Rogers and Sesame Street.”

4. Sounds interesting.

“I have never met anyone who remembers SWAT Kats.

We loved this show as kids! Wasn’t on for very long though.”

5. I’m guessing the 1980s?

“This is going to show my age but Thudarr the Barbarian.

Also there was another Voltron but with different groups of vehicles that came together to form Voltron.”

6. Cult classic.

“Pete and Pete.

I know it has a cult following but it should have been a global smash.

Way ahead of its time.”

7. I like the sound of this one.

“Misfits of Science.

Mid-1980s, incredibly poor production values, starring a young and surprisingly edgy-looking Courtney Cox and a bunch of other people.

It was about a bunch of teen troublemakers who mysteriously ended up with weird powers and the chaos they caused.”

8. Are you lying?

“Fetch with Ruff Ruffman..

No one else watched it, but it was a HUGE part of my childhood.”

9. Okay, okay…

“Crash Test Dummies!

They had blue suits on and….well they crash tested stuff. It was a cartoon.

Enough people have looked at me like I’m crazy that Im starting to think iit was some kind of fever dream.”

10. I remember!

“The show “Get a Life” starring Chris Elliott and Brian Doyle Murray on Fox in the early 90s.

Chris Elliott plays an adult paperboy who has some madcap adventures. To be honest, the show wasn’t that great but one episode always sticks out in my mind where a space alien lands and Chris befriends it and names it “spewey” because it shoots liquid all over the place.

In the end of the episode Chris and Brian Doyle Murray end up eating the alien. It’s pretty weird.”

11. Sounds wild.

“There was a show called Manimal about a guy that could transform into a variety of animals to fight crime.”

12. Having trouble with this one…

“My friends seem to have trouble remembering ReBoot and Exo Squad. I think they even tried to do a reboot of ReBoot, didn’t check it out since I want my memories of the show to be positive.

As for Exo Squad I even remember having an interactive CD-Rom where you could watch clips from the show and build your own exo mech.”

13. Gotta love Garfield.

“The Garfield Show

It hasn’t aged well

The animation is cheap and there’s animation errors everywhere, but it still was enjoyable to watch as a kid.”

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