When You Were Badly Insulted by Someone Who Didn’t Mean It? Here’s What People Said.

I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean it!

Sure, you didn’t…

Are you ready to get insulted?

Check out stories from AskReddit users about times when they were insulted by people who said they didn’t mean it.

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1. Ouch.

““You’re pregnant?!”


“Are you sure?”

Never wore that dress again.”

2. Invisible.

“One of my in laws walked in when I was the only one in the house and, looking straight at me, said “Oh, there‘s no one here.”

And… turned and left.”

3. Unremarkable.

“I did nude figure modeling for painting classes for extra cash in college about 15 years ago – one of the students was having trouble capturing my likeness and called the teacher over for help.

The teacher: “well – she has an unremarkable, normal face with no strong features, which is much more difficult to paint…”

I mean, they’re not wrong from a painting point of view – but nothing like quietly d**ng inside, fully naked with an audience.”

4. Gee, thanks!

“When I was a teen, my dad told me he heard of an athlete who wrote a book about how he used to be b**lied when he was young, how he was the school’s loser and had no friends… “Exactly like you”, my dad added.

What a way to advertise a book to me, thanks dad!”

5. Not smart anymore.

“Childhood friend from school turned coworker.

“Yeah you used to be really smart!”

I had dropped out of college and we were working as bartenders at a restaurant, were taking about plans for the coming year or two and I had mentioned trying to get a new job/go back to school.

I died a little/a lot. They were trying to be supportive, and were immediately horrified and apologized but yeah.”

6. That’s odd.

“Had a guy tell me I looked like a cult leader, which I didn’t really take kindly.

He also did not respond well when I told him he looked like a cult follower.”

7. Scorching burn.

“A very nice Vietnamese immigrant lady, Gwen, started working at my job. We were friendly with each other in passing, but rarely talked.

One day, my wife came in with our new baby and stopped to visit. We chatted for a few minutes, I kissed her and the baby on the cheek, and they left.

Gwen walked up with a big smile and said, in a very thick accent, “Your sister and her baby are soooo beautiful!”

I thanked her and told her that, actually, that was my wife and my baby. She was shocked.

“Noooo! That baby and that woman are soooo beautiful! How could that be your wife and your baby?”

I just shrugged and chuckled and assured her that they were, in fact, my family.

“Oh my God! You so lucky! How can man that looks like you have such a beautiful wife and baby!”

She wasn’t trying to be a d**k. But, holy s**t, that was one hell of a scorching burn. Haha.”

8. That hurt.

“My best friend told me that I am only funny when I’m d**nk.

I was a recovering al**holic and man did that hurt.”

9. Hahahaha.

“”You look like you own ferrets.”

I don’t even know what that means but it was 4 years ago Hailey and I still remember.”

10. A keeper!

“When i proposed to my wife she said “I guess I can’t say no”

But she meant to say “how can I say no”

She also had a panic attack the first time we kissed…”

11. Yikes.

“Kids are the best for this.

“Daddy, why don’t you use your weights any more? Is it because you got fat?””

12. News to me.

“A good friend’s girlfriend told me, “I love how not girly you are and how you don’t care about how you look!”

I think she genuinely meant it as a compliment, but both of those things were news to me…”

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