13 People Share Underrated Ways to Improve Your Appearance

Sometimes, you don’t realize that something you’re wearing or the way you’re dressing or your haircut is…well…not cool.

Or happening. Or stylish.

And nobody ever really wants to hear that, but the truth is we could all use a little help in the outward appearance department…some of us more than others.

Folks on AskReddit talked about underrated ways to improve your appearance.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Important.

“Buying clothes that fit properly instead of buying the smallest size you can squeeze into.”

2. Yes!

“Maintaining correct posture.

People will think you are more confident, so you will start to feel more confident.”

3. Shape up.

“Shape your facial hair. Hair hanging over your lip is gross and super obvious.

When I feel bad about myself I know it’s cuz I haven’t lined my beard up. I go from homeless crack head to Hispanic t mobile papi with just 5 minutes of cleaning my facial hair up.”

4. Drink up.

“Drink water.

When you’re dehydrated, you look puffy.

But when you drink enough water, your skin actually glows.”

5. Come on, guys.

“As a dude, getting your eyebrows waxed in shape can do wonders for one’s appearance.

I’m not talking radical feminine shapes like women get but tidying up the perimeter while maintaining the natural shape can look good on many guys.

For the small price I pay, I think it’s worth it.”

6. Good one.


Just be kind and you’ll appear like a great person.”

7. Take care of yourself.

“Taking care of your health.

Not like, “try this diet!” or “use this cream!” but just your regular, everyday health.

Visibly looking like someone who has it together is attractive AF.”

8. Be pleasant.

“Being pleasant and genuine to people.

People find enjoyable people more attractive.”

9. Pro tip.

“Rolling up your sleeves.

When I see a guy in a dress shirt with unrolled sleeves, it just looks too uptight. I immediately think of a mid-level manager at Kohls or perhaps Macys, or maybe that used car salesman who says, “Oh, I want to sell that car to you for that price, but my boss probably won’t go that low. I’ll go back and ask.”

But the c**ksucker just hangs out in the back, shooting the sh**t with a coworker. Yeah, your good cop, bad cop negotiation tactics won’t work with me. I’m walking!”

10. Lose some pounds.

“Lose weight. Not sorry for saying it.

Obesity is unattractive to the vast majority of people. It doesn’t matter if that upsets you, its just how it is.

There are very few people in this world who are actually intrinsically ugly. If people don’t find you attractive, odds are you either need to lose weight or practice better hygiene and grooming.

I’m also not saying you need to be a supermodel. Just don’t be obese.”

11. Get rid of it.

“If you’re going bald, especially in younger year, shave it.

Commit and just let it go. It will take years off your appearance.

If you’re able, grow a beard or goatee to balance.”

12. Important.

“Work on your mental health. You can gain a beautiful smile and the thoughts/comments about your appearance wont matter so much.

We live in a very shallow world where we think that looking s**ier will make us happier but I often find the opposite is closer to the truth.”

13. Keep them laughing.


That’s one way average guys get hot girls.

An average guy is automatically hot if he can make a person pee a little.”

What are some small ways you think people can improve their appearance?

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