What Would the World Be Better off Without? Here’s What People Said.

I can think of quite a few things that the world doesn’t ever need to see or experience ever again…but today I’m going to keep all that to myself because we’re going to hear from a bunch of folks online who are ready to sound off about this topic.

Are y’all ready for this?

What would the world be better off without?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Terrible.


The way it not only k**ls the body of yourself/loved one, but you first have to witness their personality & your relationship d** and/or become cruel and heartless.”

2. We can only hope…

“All kinds of **use to children and animals

S** trafficking and r**e



Horrible parents.”

3. I think you’re right.

“24-hour news.

To fill the time, they have these talking heads that bleed the super important line that divides news and editorial. They talk just to fill the time. It’s garbage. Both CNN and Fox News are guilty of it. I’m not sure how anyone can watch it.

I first became a news junky in 2001 when the towers fell. Then, CNN headline was a one-hour loop and they’d feed in a new segment when it was ready, so every hour it would change slightly.

Not long later they introduced “Cnn headline prime” which was nancy grace and the ilk. They really popularized the talk to fill the time bulls**t. Now that’s all it is. I dont even watch cnn or fox anymore.

I catch my local news in morning with my coffee and listen to Morning Edition on NPR for the national news.”

4. All of these.

“Social media influencers that peddle an unrealistic life and stupid opinions to millions of young impressionable teenagers.

Pyramid schemes

Bad parents.”

5. That would be great.

“ALS and cancer.

And Huntington’s disease and all neurological degenerative diseases as well.”

6. Ouch.

“Ingrown toenails. Had ingrown toenails on both my big toes. Most pain I never felt in my life.

I have broken wrists in half. Cracked my skull bone. Four knee surgeries. Part of my testicle removed. Five colonoscopies. Collapsed eardrum. Six concussions from sports. And a run with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that lasted almost four years in my preteen years.

And my ingrown toenails were the worst pain I have ever experienced. Had surgery on them in my late teens and man what a relief.”

7. Ignore it.

“Celebrity “news” and similar tabloids.

We really need to stop making stupid people famous and having them set examples to impressionable people.”

8. Oh, yuck.

“Bed bugs.

My wife and I had bed bugs years ago. We lost everything that couldn’t fit in a washer and dryer when we moved. You never get over the horror of being eaten alive when you sleep.

Any time I see a track of bites I start panicking. We haven’t had them since, but they have burrowed between my ears.”

9. Yup.

“Religious extremists.

Any form of extremism is dangerous, even too much of a good thing can f**k it up.”

10. Toxic.

“People who reject evidence because of belief and or willing ignore facts just because they been brainwashed.

These people are able to have kids, vote, and unfortunately have an opinion when the rest of normal society is just trying to get by.”

11. Harmful things.

“Harmful viruses, harmful bacteria, harmful parasites, harmful fungus.

Also cancer of course, and venereal diseases.”

12. Hmmm…

“Tuesday. I mean what the hell is the deal with Tuesday?

You’ve got Wednesday, middle of the week so you know Friday is coming. You’ve got Friday, and Thursday AKA. almost Friday. You’ve got Saturday and Sunday, which everybody likes. You’ve got Monday, which everybody h**es.

Then you’ve got Tuesday, what’s it doing there? Nothing. There’s no need for it. In the words of Karl Pilkington , “get rid of it”.”

13. And there’s this…

“The 100 or so mega rich a**holes responsible for over 70% of the earth’s destruction, and the politicians they buy out to gaslight opposition.”

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