13 People Share What People Brag About That No One Actually Cares About

No way, bro!

You drive a Camaro?!?!

Hell yeah!

If you can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic.

And that brings us to what we’re going to talk about today!

What do people brag about that no one actually cares about?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Cool!

“How much you drank on a night out.

And how little sleep you got…”

2. Moneybags.

“Being a rich person.

I stopped hanging out with a dude that made all his wealth himself in his own businesses, so good for him honestly, but he also made his wealth his entire personality.

He’d send me Snapchats of his bank account, when he knows his has several more 0’s than mine does.”

3. Look at you!

“Being busy or the amount that they work.

They think it’s an indicator that they have a strong work ethic, but really, too much and you’re just wearing yourself out for a job that’s probably not worth it.”

4. Starf**ker.

“I have a buddy who is an insane-level starf**ker.

He can’t hang out even once without talking about a band he knows or his tiny chance encounter with some b-list at best celebrity.

Seriously, no one gives a fu** except we do now because you won’t shut up about it at every encounter and it’s driving me insane.”

5. Fancy.

“A lot of brand names.

Gucci stuff just looks really bad.”

6. Sure you did…

“I knew a guy who bragged about how he slept with 48 different women.

He was always ignored and made it like it was his badge of honor.”

7. Who cares?

“Social media followers.

I don’t care how many people you have on IG, TT, FB just shows you seek attention and validation from pointless strangers.”

8. Bruh…

“Whether you s**ke weed or not.

If you make it a personality trait I’m quite certain you overdo it.

And that doesn’t place you on the avant-garde of culture. You’re really just a stoner.”

9. Okay, Gramps.

““Well, back in my day….”

Wait, today is your day too, you’re still breathing right? Back in your day they had asbestos and still put lead in the gas.”

10. Not a good look.

“Getting no sleep or working yourself to d**th.

Those aren’t good things…”

11. Weird.

“That they videoed the birth of their kids.

I’d rather watch the conception and score them on the dismount.”

12. Gross.

““Oh, I haven’t read a book since elementary school”


“”Anyway, let me tell you how I can prove the earth is flat”.”

13. Liar!

“Literally anything that someone praises oneself about.

If you have to say it so yourself, it rarely turns out to be true, anyway.”

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