13 People Share What They Think Are Underrated Things to Bring to Parties

You wanna know what I think is an underrated thing to bring to a party?

How about the game Twister?!?!

It’s fun, it gets people involved, and things can get spicy in a hurry!

What do you think about this?

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1. Good call.

“In my late 20s, knowing that most people would bring beer and there would be far too much alcohol.

I started bringing a 12 pack of Topo Chico with some limes.”

2. Straight fire.

“I was at a party and someone brought a whole bowl of home grown sugar snap peas and that s**t was fire.”

3. Now, that’s refreshing.

“Always bring a big tub of sliced watermelon.

Everyone else is bringing booze and chips and burgers, but when that fresh, juicy watermelon hits the table everyone is instantly desperate for a slice.”

4. Probably a good idea.

“A breathalyzer. Before covid there was some guy who would always bring one.

He had some drinking game associated with it and would double as a way to know who needs a couch, an Uber, a buddy for the sidewalk, a buddy for the bus or just fine by themselves to walk home.”

5. Someone has to do it.

“Ice. Never enough ice.

Especially by the time you arrive.”

6. Not annoyed anymore.

“My husband likes to bring a plate of bacon to parties and get togethers.

I used to be annoyed but everyone always loves it and we’ve never brought any home.”

7. Party all night.


You never know how long a party will keep going for and alcohol makes everyone hungry.”

8. I would have been pleased.

“I brought a few White Castle crave cases to a friend’s house party.

I know White Castle isn’t necessarily the best or high quality fast food chain, but when you’re drinking and hanging out with friends, there’s almost nothing better.

I must have made like 15 new friends that night.”

9. You better believe it.

“If I know kids are going to be dragged along I like to bring coloring or something fun for them to do.

Most of the time the kids are under 12 so they enjoy it and it also gives the parents a break.”

10. I’ll take both.

“I used to visit friends at their college and I’d bring a bottle of decent liquor and offer people shots. Easy way to make friends.

Now, I bring Buffalo chicken dip.”

11. That’s odd…


One time my roommates and I threw a party at our house that got way out of control. We were turning people away at the door.

Then this dude shows up with like 300 eggs.”

12. It slaps.

“Sparkling grape juice.

I mean, I like drinking with the best of them, but sometimes that juice just slaps.

That’s all I’m saying.”

13. Score!

“My go-to is a bucket of fried chicken from Popeyes or similar.

Sometimes I just don’t want to cook for a potluck.

But I’ve been surprised at so many potluck-style parties end up with chips and some very light snacks.

The greasy protein is appreciated.”

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