13 People Share What They Think the World Would Be Better off Without

Let’s be honest: the world would be better off with about A MILLION THINGS.

And today we’re gonna hear from folks on AskReddit about what they think about this.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. Terrible.


Right now I’m watching this f**king disease rip my 80 year old father apart.

I’m certain there are worse things, but in my world……


2. Look out!

“Those large flying cockroaches.

Seriously, what do they even contribute and why do they have to fly?!?!”

3. Gross.


At my work the minute someone takes the time to clean the parking lot of litter, 500 people have already thrown their fast food bags/gas station snack trash/home trash all over the ground.”

4. A big one.

“Lying politicians.

A honest polician could have a hard time facing a lying one. People are more emotional than factual.

That is why public scrutiny is important.”

5. Stay away.


Stay Away from toxic people.”

6. Bad news.


This is the root cause of corruption, and probably the worst of the seven d**dly sins.

The world would be infinitely better without it though, 100x isn’t sufficent to describe how great no greed would be.”

7. A big annoyance.


I don’t like the k**ling of any creature, including spiders which I’m terribly afraid of.

That being said, mosquitoes are the one creature where I don’t even feel bad. Like you’re nothing but an arsehole keeping people up at night, spreading discomfort at best and disease at worst.


8. Do a lot of damage.

“Ticks, tape worms etc. basically any type of parasite.

Those pieces of s**t really f**k you up. Both mentally and physically.”

9. That would be nice.

“Mental illness.

My wife’s mental illnesses nearly k**led her several times. What I would give to have those years back.

I wonder if the people griping about your post would like to try HIV. There’s medication that keeps it from k**ling you, but you better not stop taking it.

My wife takes medication to keep her mental illnesses in check. Not taking them would send her into a d**dly spiral. Mental illness isn’t “just words.”

10. A lot of that going around.

“People who refuse to change their views when presented with clear, concrete evidence that prove that view wrong.”

11. Weird stuff…

“Celebrity worship.

Especially ones that are only famous for being famous.”

12. A hot take.

“Religion by a mile.

No contest.

Literally nothing comparably awful to humanity.”

13. Going nuclear.

“Fear of nuclear power.

The stop-gap between fossil fuels and renewable energy has been there for decades.”

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