13 People Share What They Think the World Would Be Better Off Without

Well, this promises to be a pretty interesting conversation…

Because you and I both know how worked-up folks get about things they DON’T like. In fact, I’d venture to say that they’re more passionate about the stuff they can’t stand than about the stuff they like.

And we’re gonna hear a bunch of random people sound off.

People on AskReddit talked about what they think the world would be better off without.

Let’s take a look.

1. Please!

“Apparently mosquitoes.

They cause far more harm than good, and according to a certain research they could just be replaced if they went extinct.”

2. Terrible.

“Degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimers.

Seeing someone waste away in front of you is f**king horrible.”

3. Out of control.

“24 hour cable news networks.

The big problem isn’t so much that there’s not enough news to report, it’s that the “news“ channel format has evolved into more punditry than actual reporting.

Actual journalism, especially longform investigative journalism, is expensive and time consuming. Having some camera friendly talking head saying all kinds of inflammatory bulls**t for attention doesn’t cost nearly as much for how much airtime you get out of it. And of course they are easily replaceable in the event of scandal/controversy/etc.

Roger Ailes is d**d, and Rupert Murdoch will be there soon, but the toxic cancer on society they created (and it’s many imitators) will sadly live on.”

4. Too extreme.

“Extremism of every kind.

Extreme viewpoints, regardless of it being political or religious, reduce other people from being objects.

When people are viewed as objects it’s easier to hurt or k**l them in the name of a greater good.”

5. Never again.


Think of bed bugs mixed with Scarabs (Yeah the bug that crawls under your skin from Egypt) and combine that with the voracity of a Tick and the size of a mite.

Had those for months and still feel little pricks under my skin and in my muscles from the experience. Lucky for me my dad was smart and washed every single thing, got rid of sheets, made us wash every two hours every day, and did a whole crusade against them.

Never again.”

6. Garbage people.

“Bad people.

Pe**philes, r**ists, the h**efully and ignorantly violent (KKK, Neo-N**is, etc), those who m**der for power or money.

Just a catch all for garbage people.

Don’t care what country, race, political party or religion.”

7. Gone for good.


We have a choice about this and should end it forever.”

8. Dehumanizing.

“The perception of superiority and authority over others based on material possessions or finance, or the ability to b**ly others into doing what you want.

Any behaviour done with the intention of making someone less human.”

9. Outrageous.


No ones cares your going to space, Jeff. Some people are trying to afford to eat this week

Maybe give some of your $2,000 a second income away to something. MF so evil he looks like Lex Luthor.”

10. Bad news.


Left, center and right, in every country around the world.

F**k all of them.”

11. I’m on board with this.

“R**ists, Nationalists, Super Spreaders & people who listen to loud music without headphones on.”

12. What’s going on here?

“The people who go on Twitter to cancel others or things for absolutely no reason.

They tried to cancel Black YouTuber, Berleezy, because he was caught hanging out with a white lady.

Black folk ain’t even allowed to be seen with white folk now? Smh.”

13. A lot of bad things about it.

“Social Media.

Its become a mass propaganda and manipulation took for disinformation on a truly breathtaking scale.

Something like >80% of ALL the antivaxxer propaganda and misinformation for example, was made by less than a dozen social media accounts.

Facebook keeps having to adjust its algorithms because for some d**n reason right wing leaning people exposed to hella amounts of right wing posts and media tend to start posting Neo-N**i content.

Infowars was nearly entirely social media based, and consistently was rated by the Adfontes media group as the most falsified and extreme right wing news outlets that had ever existed.

China bought 4chan. And Reddit. Facebook takes money from governments the world over to shovel your data out. Twitter wouldn’t ban the treasonous cheeto because he brought so much traffic.

Social media is responsible for more damage, misinformation, violence, death, and flat out regression of humanity than anything else. It’s propaganda power transcends borders, creeds, skin colors, flags, language, and political ideologies.

And the owners know it and use it to farm power, money, blackmail and influence on billions with a B amount of people.”

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