13 People Share What They’d Do if They Had God’s Powers for One Hour

Whew! This is a HUGE question that really takes some pondering…

I’m gonna cut right to the chase: what would you do if you had God’s powers for one whole hour?

Think about all the good (or bad) you could do!

Take a look at how AskReddit users answered this question.

1. Hurtin’!

“Redesign human knee and shoulder joints.

Because, seriously, I’ve got some bug reports that have been ignored.”

2. Good plan.

“I’d cure all migraines and cluster headaches.

And then immediately remove all pollution and garbage from the planet, then repair all the damage we’ve done to this planet we’ve done…”

3. This should be interesting.

“Elected politicians, and candidates for office can no longer lie.

Intentionally or unintentionally, everything they express will be truth. If they try to lie, it will come out truth.

Let the games begin.”

4. We all wish.

“Cure all diseases that make people aware of everything going on, but they don’t have control of their bodies. i.e.: Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.”

5. Time to turn it around.

“Get rid of all corruption, make anyone who is or ever will be a politician or a position of power completely altruistic and selfless and only able to serve the people.

Also create a cheap easy to make cure all for all diseases and give it to people who will distribute it to everyone.”

6. Anybody out there?

“I would explore other planets with life on them.

See what kind of cool stuff they have and maybe bring a few items back with me.”

7. Be kind.

“Make an indestructible floating Bible appear in every church across the world, translated for all, that says “just be kind to each other you nuts. I don’t care if you’re gay, trans, white, black, or whatever. Just. Be. NICE. – passage 45:ACP””

8. You try it.

“Make God live my life.

After he does I would ask him why he should believe in God after experiencing all the s**t he have made me live through.”

9. Stretch it out.

“Remove greed from the human race and triple our lifespans.

I’d like to live for at least 200 years.”

10. A better world.

“I would make all people who hide their dirty deeds behind God’s name burn alive. Then I would announce what I have done.

If God had zero tolerance for corruption among those who spread his word, religion would be a better thing.”

11. No more.

“I’d get rid of all mental impairment diseases and conditions.

Alzheimers, Dementia, the severe mental impairment that some kids are born with (Not sure what the various conditions are called). I would make humans and other animals immune to cancer. I would extend healthy human lifespans by another 50 years, and dogs and cats can also live as long as humans.

I would then give humans the ability to research and cure other diseases and ailment so that mankind could eventually have treatments for such things as they come along. I say this because I only get an hour and things will appear in the future that can’t be predicted (even with God’s power).”

12. It just might work…

“Make all soil fertile. Fix the atmosphere up a bit, drop global thermostat by about a 1 degree. Delete oil and coal deposits, and replace non-renewable power stations with renewables. Delete nukes.

Redistribute wealth and implement a sustainable form of democratic socialism. I wouldn’t ‘end’ mortality, but I’d stretch lifespans by about double, with half the aging speed. Gotta be realistic when playing God.

Oh, and delete religions.”

13. Here’s the plan.

“First of all, I would make it so that everyone napping always wakes up refreshed. All naps now last 23 minutes but feel like 4 hours of perfect sleep.

Nothing is addictive.

All men are given perfect recall about everything their wives have said or done.

All women obtain positive body images.

Taco trees.

People who are cool never have their shoe laces come undone. Assholes have their laces break every friday.

Dogs stay small puppies for 3 extra months and come out potty trained.

Turtles can play trumpet.

America switches to metric with no fuss

The internet makes sense to everyone over 70….but they chose to avoid social media anyway.

Corn syrup goes away.”

What would you do?

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Thanks in advance!