13 People Share Which Fast Food Restaurants They Think Should Go Out of Business

You’re about to hear from some folks who have strong feelings…about fast food establishments.

All I have to say is that as long as White Castle isn’t mentioned in their responses about which ones they think should close, everything will be okay…

Take a look at the fast food chains that AskReddit users think need to close.

1. KFC.

“KFC honestly does not give a s**t about the North American market.

They care about the markets in China, Australia, and I think even India. KFC is actually pretty good there because it’s totally different, i.e it doesn’t even bother to go for the Kentucky fried chicken style.

It’s just fried chicken accompanying everything else. And they actually do a pretty good job on the everything else. For example, quick Indian curry, with a little bit of fried chicken strips, ooooooo it’s so much better considering that it’s fast food.

2. BK.

“Going to a Burger King is like playing Russian Roulette but with food poisoning.

The quality of the locations varies so much it’s crazy.”

3. Classy!


Stopped after work around 6pm for chicken. Worker says they can’t make chicken because I it’s closing time? 6pm? Offered me left over burgers and fries dripping with grease.

One dude was vaping. Place smelled like passion fruit-grease-burnt fries. What fast food joint closes at 6pm?”

4. Bad service.

“Dunkin’ Donuts.

The stuff tastes okay, but good lord I have never been to a location that gives me what I ordered, and I don’t order weird custom stuff.”

5. Is this coffee?


Literally all it is is overpriced coffee that isn’t even real coffee.”

6. LJS.

“Long John Silver’s.

I’d rather drink fry oil. It’d taste better too.”

7. Pretty gross.


They brand as fresh and healthy but are neither.

The food is awful.”

8. Too bad.


Mismanaged by corporate.

There’s barely any left. ~300. Used to be ~5000.”

9. LOL.

“Carl’s Jr is so bad that the one by my house burnt down, either by an arsonist or as an act of God.”

10. A twofer.

“My two worst dining experiences ever were Zaxbys and whatever Panda the Chinese fast food place.

Had to throw the “food” away and go somewhere else in both cases.”

11. Yucky.


My lil bro used to work there and what he used to tell us was bizarre stuff, none of my family eats there anymore.”

12. Get it together!


The one by me seems to be run exclusively by two teenage new hires who shouldn’t have been given an interview.

Every time I come here, I leave in a rage. Aren’t there laws in place that prevent places like this from existing? How is this place not burned down every fu**ing day?”

13. A hot take.

“All of the multi-national giants.

They’re a menace to the environment, our health, and our economy. I can’t walk one city block or even 10 feet in a parking lot without stepping around a grimy heap of McLitter.

All those crumpled wrappers and mangled cardboard boxes that pepper the landscape are remnants of processed meat from mistreated, factory farmed, rainforest bulldozing livestock. And all that pollution for mediocre tasting food that either breaks the bank, breaks the bowels, or both.”

Are there any fast food restaurants you think need to go out of business?

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