Teenager Wonders Whether Or Not Everyone Is Allowed To Mourn Her As They Please

It’s tough to imagine what it’s like to live with a terminal diagnosis unless you are living it yourself. To go through that as a young person must be doubly tough, because you’re acutely aware that the adults in your life are struggling, too.

This girl has a few months left to live and has long since accepted her fate. She’s hurting and wants to live the remainder of her days in as much peace as possible.

Look, I’ll cut to the chase- I’m 16f and I’m terminally ill. I’m dying. I have maybe two months left. I sound utterly indifferent but it’s because I’ve accepted it.

I’ve lived a horrible and painful 16 years and I’m genuinely just waiting for it all to be over. I know it’s sad but that’s just how my life is right now.

Her family has other ideas, and they planned a “goodbye dinner” and invited family in from across the country to participate.

OP didn’t love the idea, but she realized everyone needs to grieve and say goodbye in their own way…but her grace ran out during the dinner when people started making toasts that tended toward the extremely dramatic.

Anyways, my parents came up with this brilliant idea that they should throw me a goodbye dinner and invite my entire family. As in, people were flying in for this little event. I didn’t want the attention and just wanted to relax as I have horrible muscle pain but I didn’t really have a choice.

Well, one of my uncles made a toast and suddenly everyone’s giving speeches and I can’t drink my soup in peace.

After one particularly insensitive speech, OP lost it, crying and yelling at everyone.

When her parents told her she was being rude, she threw her napkins at them and stormed off.

One of my aunt’s said something along the lines of this: “my name we’ll miss you incredibly. But please know that your sickness has taught us all something. It has though us resilience and we will hammer through the burdens of your death with the very resilience you gave us”

Was it weirdly dramatic? Yup. Did it make me feel like shit? Also yup. Look, I know it was immature of me but I basically started sobbing and yelling at for calling me a burden. My parents told me I was being rude so I may have thrown my napkins at my dad lmao. I hobbled to my room and I haven’t left since.

Now her family says she’s being ungrateful and insensitive but OP just wants to be left alone.

Everyone’s been texting me calling me an ungrateful brat and blah blah blah. I understand I can be a little dry over my situation, so I see how my family saw me as insensitive.

I just really want to know if I reacted poorly. aita?

She’s asking Reddit whether or not that’s too much to ask, and they’re ready to let her know!

The top comment is a long and loud reminder that people should not make someone else’s death about them.

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When you put it that way, it’s pretty icky.

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Pretty shady thing to do to a dying teenager.

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Also, it’s fairly gross.

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They say OP shouldn’t waste the time she has left feeling badly about this.

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I can’t say I would know how to act if my child was dying, but I sincerely hope it would be better than this.

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