20 Posts That Reveal What Women Really Think About Married Life

There’s no doubt that relationships can be hard to navigate – most of us are still trying to figure it out even years into ones that, for all intents and purposes, are actually working.

Humor is one of the best ways to deal with anything in life that’s tough, so the fact that these 20 women are able to laugh about the absurdities of married life is probably a really good sign!

20. Learn how to play the game.

You’re gonna be on the court for a long time.

19. You gotta throw in some extra incentive.

If you want real enthusiasm, I mean.

18. Too bad it didn’t smell.

They really love that.

17. They can’t admit it.

Bless their little hearts.

16. Neither of you had to cook!

So that’s pretty much a win.

15. I cannot be convinced otherwise.

Also, they’re so messy with theirs!

14. Not Gossip Girl!

Seriously that is cruel and unusual.

13. They’re easily confused.

Or they think even digging in a purse makes them feminine?


12. I wonder how long it takes him to figure it out.

This is honestly pretty funny.

11. Add it to your will, ladies.

Because they WILL need to know.

10. Be careful…

He might already have a list of his own.

9. Is that all it takes?

Sadly, some days it totally is.

8. They also both love scratches.

But only one of them goes to the bathroom outside. Probably.

7. I wonder where she heard that.

This has come full circle.

6. Why is it so embarrassing??

I mean other than the fact we have no idea what we’re doing.

5. Just put your hands up and ride it out.

Like a rollercoaster but free.

4. I mean…it’s objectively true.

But also do women really care whether or not their husband things an actress is hot?

3. Yet somehow it still works.

Or you get a chore done, so either way it’s a win.

2. We have to get the aggression out somehow.

Barbed commentary is not the worst option.

1. They have no idea what’s going on.

It’s part of their charm, really.

If you’re married, you get it. If you’re not, consider yourself warned!

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