13 People Talk About the Crimes They’d Like to See Solved

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

One day, I’d like to find out the trash behind the crimes of the Zodiac K**ler.

Who was he?

What was his motive?

But it doesn’t look like his crimes are going to be solved anytime soon…

Let’s hear from people on AskReddit about the crimes they want to see solved.

1. Unsolved.

“Bardstown KY is a little town with a ton of distilleries and old people. On the surface, it’s a lovely little place. Below the surface, there’s been several unsolved m**ders.

A police officer was ambushed on his way home, and the “hit” is said to have been done professionally. A woman named Crystal Rogers went missing. A mother and daughter were brutally m**dered in their home.

There’s crooked cops, corruption in the city government, and the FBI is investigating cover ups. It’s all very interesting, but there aren’t any clear answers.”

2. It’s personal.

“My best friend, Sean Bock, was m**dered in a hit and run in Albuquerque NM just a few years ago.

I want to find the POS that k**led him more than anything.”

3. Who did it?

“Adam Walsh was a boy abducted from a Sears in Florida in 1981.

They later found his decapitated head but never his body.

The police had a suspect but botched the investigation. No one was ever charged.”

4. Gone.

“Jason Landry. A Texas State student who disappeared.

His car was found crashed and abandoned in Luling, TX.

His clothes were found in the road, his wallet and phone were left in the vehicle but no sign of Jason.”

5. Scary.

“KK’s Corner Triple Ho**cide.

3 victims shot execution style in the convenient stores cooler and made to believe it was a robbery gone wrong. One man in prison. The sheriff at the time was corrupt along with many high ranking officials. S

heriff’s son was a well known drug dealer & bragged about the crime. One of the victims was speaking out about a m**der made to look like a s**cide and she was shot to shut her up.”

6. Are they connected?

“John David Gosch, 12, gone missing delivering the paper in Des Moines, Iowa on September 5, 1982

Eugene Martin, 13, gone missing delivering the paper in Des Moines, Iowa on August 12, 1984

Marc Allen, 13, gone missing heading to a friend’s house in Des Moines, Iowa on March 29, 1986.”

7. A big one.

“Whoever did the Tylenol m**ders.

In 1982, there were a series of mysterious d**ths. It was later discovered these d**ths had been caused by the Tylenol which had been swapped out for cyanide.

This was one of the main reasons bottles nowadays have the seal that says “do not buy if broken”.”

8. The Springfield Three.

“The disappearance of the Springfield Three.

In the early morning hours of June 7, 1992, these three women, Sherrill Levitt (47), her daughter Suzanne ‘Suzie’ Streeter (19), and Suzie’s friend Stacy McCall (18) all vanished from Sherrill and Suzie’s home following a night of fun and partying.

All their personal belongings, their cars, purses, and the little dog was left behind. The front porch light’s glass globe was broken and there was a weird message of the answering machine that accidentally got deleted.”

9. A really creepy one.

“Asha Degree. I grew up not far from her and vividly remember when it happened, it was all over the news.

Such an odd case- she was apparently very shy and timid plus her parents were very protective, so not likely to have befriended a stranger to run away with, and she was afraid of storms and the dark so the fact that she packed a bag and walked out in the middle of the night during a heavy rainstorm just doesn’t make much sense either.

Parents and brother have been investigated and cleared by police plus multiple people saw her on the road so she wasn’t k**led in the home and they made up the story about her running off. My theory is that she was groomed by someone the family knew and trusted, like a neighbor or a church member, and that they somehow convinced her to leave her house to meet them for whatever reason.

I also think it very likely that people in the community know who it is but because of prominence in the community, and probably a lack of evidence tying them to anything, they aren’t spilling.”

10. Still looking for answers.

“JonBenét Ramsey. She was six years old when m**dered in her own home on Christmas, 1996.

Police incompetence, salacious speculation, long weirdly specific ransom note, and DNA evidence which was never tested.

So many inconsistencies.”

11. A weird one.

“Where is Shelly Miscavige?

It’s because everyone’s too scared to take on the Scientologists.

I think they’ve got way more power and influence then people realize.”

12. A complicated case.

“The disappearance of William Tyrrell, the little boy in the Spiderman suit. Was outside playing with his sister while visiting their foster grandma’s place and then just… gone.

It’s a very complicated case due to William’s status as a foster child and many of the details about that being hidden for a couple years. It also meant that William basically had no advocates for that time as well – not to mention the police really fucked up in places too.

They dismissed any involvement from the foster parents pretty much immediately and instead focused on potential child predators. It was poorly handled and destroyed reputations. One of the lead detectives destroyed his own reputation as well because he went too far.

In the past couple years now, a lot more criticism has been put on the foster parents.”

13. Missing child.

“One missing child case that I don’t think a lot of people know about is the Deorr Kuntz Jr. case.

He was a 2 yr old boy who disappeared without a trace back in 2015 while on a camping trip with his parents, great grandfather, and great grandfather’s friend.

His parents’ stories have changed constantly throughout the investigation, and two different PIs who worked the case seem to think the parents are responsible, but there’s not really any hard evidence. Hope the little guy is found and gets justice some day.”

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