13 People Talk About the Scariest Things They’ve Ever Seen in Their Lives

I’ve been pretty fortunate to have escaped any major terrifying incidents in my life (knock on wood), but I’ve seen a few things in the past that happened to other people that were sketchy…and some were downright scary.

And today we’re gonna get a big dose of scary stories from regular folks just like you and me.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in your life?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Terrible.

“My 20 year old brother s**t himself and I was there when my mom had to identify the body.

The sound she made was like nothing I’ve ever heard.

It wasn’t a scream, it was just this terrible sound that I’ll never forget.”

2. A bad memory.

“My dad and grandma waiting for me at the top of our driveway when I got off the bus coming home from Kindergarten.

My mother had breast cancer and the moment I saw them waiting there together, I knew she was d**d.

We had a long driveway to begin with but that day it felt like it took an eternity to climb. I knew what they were going to say but I still dreaded hearing it. I’ve never felt that kind of terror since.”

3. Wall of fire.

“Watching 3,000 houses go up in flames about a mile east of me.

I had the cats in carriers in the car, ready to go west.”

4. Can’t forget.

“My brother’s body lying in the middle of the street after being g**ned down by the gang he tried to leave.

Some things you can never forget even though you want to.”

5. Russia.

“I lived in Russia for two years.

One day my friend and I left our apartment to go to the grocery store and as we’re walking we saw some people standing by a tarp on the ground. As we get closer we realized that the tarp was covering a body. As we walk past an ambulance pulls up and the paramedics talk to the people so we go on our way.

After we get the food and we’re walking back we get to the same point, the people are gone, the ambulance is gone, but the body is still there under the tarp. I’m still not sure if it was vodka break or if something else was going on, but it was certainly creepy as hell.”

6. On the road.

“My wife and I were driving down the interstate behind a truck that was pulling a trailer full of junk. An old wheel and tire came off, bounced a couple of times and then shot off straight at us.

There have been a lot of times in my life where everything slowed down. Every other time, I’ve been able to calmly collect my thoughts and do what I needed to do. I’m a nurse and people’s lives have been saved by my ability to do that. This was the only time where I just couldn’t think of a single thing to do and started to mentally prepare that this tire hitting me in the face was what was going to end my life.

I turned the wheel a little bit so that I would take the brunt of the hit and not my wife. Then I just waited and hoped the wreck wouldn’t k**l her too. It hit with one of the loudest noises I’ve ever heard as it smashed our windshield.

Thankfully, it also crushed the metal roof which absorbed a good amount of the hit and prevented the wheel from going all the way through the glass. We got cut up some but we lived. Whoever was driving the truck drove off and left us there and were never found.”

7. Close call.

“Pulled my dog out of a pool a couple weekends ago. Been beating myself up about it ever since even though she has somehow fully recovered.

I thought she was a goner for sure since she wasn’t moving and was fully submerged. Was keeping a close eye on her but let my guard down. Couldn’t have been in the pool for longer than 30 seconds but still. She was barely hanging on but I got her breathing again.

She’s now recovering from a separate issue as well and doing just fine. 14 years old and a drowning still couldn’t take her out. But that image of seeing her in the pool thinking I had let her drown haunts me. Luckily she’s a strong one.”

8. Good Lord.

“Saw a girl of about 7 with her innards exposed after her father drove into a telephone pole while d**nk.

Had her in the front seat with a twisted lap belt and it just kind of opened her up. My cousin was an active duty marine at the time home on leave and tried to save her.

She d**d in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.”

9. Skateboarding accident.

“I was at the skate park, and I was trying to land something. But before I could do something else snaked me. (Getting snaked is when someone cuts in the line for a trick, and it is taken pretty seriously at skate parks).

But when he was doing a trick he went on the quart pipe and went huge off of it. On the other side was some rocks. He went off of it and landed on the rocks on his ribs and face/head. When everyone went over he had a compound fraction on his ribs.

He was bleeding everywhere. By the time the ambulance got there they declared him d**d. Keep in mind I was 10 at the time.”

10. OD.

“Going into the living room to find my roommate at the time had overdosed on her**n.

She was lying on the couch with her mouth open and her eyes rolled back and her skin had this bluish tint and it felt so wrong.

I cant even picture things in my head, but that image is still burned in there.”

11. Scared.

“I was in a 20 minute stand off with a mountain lion while hiking in the dark.

He would not back down.

It’s the most scared I’ve ever been.”

12. Hit and run.

“I was riding home from a friend’s house late on a Friday night with my brother driving. The road we were on was 3 lanes across, and went for about 15 miles through town.

For several miles there was a guy on a crotch rocket in the lane to our right, and I had been watching him as I stared blankly out the window. I remember noticing he wasn’t wearing a helmet (not required in Florida), and thinking “that’s not very safe”.

Within maybe 2 minutes of that thought, as we approached an overpass, an SUV ran a red turn light in front of us, and the motorcyclist smacked into the side of it. I saw the whole thing, and yelled at my brother to turn around as I called 911. By the time we made it back to him, I had 911 on the phone, and a few other people had pulled over as well.

All my first aid training kicked in, and I found myself taking charge. He was conscious but so confused. He has blood coming out of his nose, and I assumed he would have head/neck damage.

So talking with the operator we made sure he stayed on the ground and didn’t move his neck. He was scraped up but no other obvious injuries. I asked him his name and explained he had been in an accident and help was on the way.

The car he hit took off. I still can’t remember what kind of car it was, or what color. I had to give a statement to the police since it was a hit and run. I’ve never experienced that kind of adrenaline, it could have been so much worse.”

13. My ex.

“After leaving my ex, who was physically a**sive, my friend drove me to attempt recovering my vehicle from our home. Unfortunately, he was already in the vehicle, and proceeded to follow us a few miles.

I was on the phone with 911, and he began to ram our vehicle at a stop light. He got out of the car and punched my window a few times (I was in my friend’s car in the passenger seat), then tried to push us into the car in front of us. The light turned green and we turned down a more residential street – she’s not a master at GTA or anything, I don’t know why she didn’t stay on the main road.

So he rams the vehicle twice more, the last time resulting in a successful PIT maneuver which k**led the engine. He ran out of the car he’s driving and proceeded to start punching my window again, this time with both hands, and the window was bowed in several inches. He went back to his car, pulled out a crowbar of the backseat, and started walking towards us.

I had a moment of clarity as I shifted her vehicle into Park, turned her keys to restart the car, and told her GOGOGOGO!

As we accelerated away, the rear quarter panel of our car knocked him to the ground. He ended up having a dislocated hip and a broken hand from punching the window. I had come to terms with my d**th, I was 8 months pregnant, so I was hoping he would choke me out and not cut me so the baby would live.”

Have you ever seen something that really scared the hell out of you?

If so, please tell us about it in the comments.

Thanks in advance!