13 People Talk About Things They’re Bad at That They’ve Done Their Entire Lives

Is there something in your life that you’ve done pretty much forever but you’re still really bad at it?

Maybe it’s an instrument, a sport, or some other activity.

Or maybe it’s an everyday thing, like walking…let’s hope it’s not that, though.

We all have those things in our lives, right?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about things they’ve been doing forever that they’re still really bad at.

1. They’re not easy.

“Video games.

In my mid thirties, have been playing since about age eight and I’m bad. Most FPS games are a whirling blur of colours and shapes. Anything post-2000ish has controls too complex for me.

I spend my time gaming online getting screamed at by irate 12 year-old French kids. Not quite how I envisaged my adulthood.”

2. Just can’t do it.

“Getting up in the morning.

I practice every day and yet I still always run late from sleeping in.”

3. A lot of this out there.

“My handwriting sucks.

My handwriting hasn’t changed since fourth grade. I’m also a huge letter writing fanatic, so I can only imagine how my pen pals feel.”

4. Indecisive.

“My big stressor is someone asking me what I want for dinner. An innocent question for most people but for me.. verge of tears.

I CANNOT deal with it. It’s not an eating thing, it’s a decision thing.”

5. Not getting it.


I was never good at it from the start so for the school days I kind of avoided it but now it is something I am required to do day in and day out.

It just doesn’t comes naturally to me.”

6. Might wanna work on that.

“Drinking water without coughing is my issue. Covid made me realize just how bad I am at swallowing pretty much everything because everyone is hyper-aware of every coughing noise.

I have multiple coughing fits a day keep having to swear it’s not corona.”

7. Not your strength.

“Things that involve time management.

I always procrastinate on completing tasks.”

8. Some people just can’t do it.

“Being happy and “living in the moment”.

Seriously. Anytime I’m having a good time my mind realizes it and forces me to think about other stuff.

“Oh, you’re having a good time? What about all your debt? Bills? The car needs repairs…””

9. Scary stuff.

“Speaking publicly.

I’ve been in programs my whole life where we would have to speak publicly or to an audience, I’ve trained for it and done exercises for it, been tested on it, and passed everything.

Yet when I go up there and it’s not for a grade, I shake and my voice wavers and I ramble. No clue why.”

10. Binge eating.

“Portion control. I overeat. I binge.

I have desperately tried to limit my food intake for as long as I remember. In preschool I’d limit myself to only eating half of the lunch provided…but then in the middle of the night I binge eat out of the fridge, eating 4 or 5 days with of food in 10 minutes.

I’m nearly 40 and am still doing this. I wake up in the morning and find I’ve eaten everything during the night.

I can not allow myself to have more than 2 days worth of groceries in the house. I tried meal prep and gained 60lbs because I ate a weeks worth of food every night in my sleep.”

11. Not a good test taker.

“Taking tests.

I can learn and know the material from top to bottom, yes. I can study for hours and absolutely know what I am talking about with other people. Presentations, debates, round tables whatever you want to call it.

Put a test on from of me and set up a timer and all of that knowledge automatically goes down the drain for some reason.”

12. Walking issues.


I trip over my feet even without socks on. It’s actually pretty sad.

I’ve taken enough spills in my life to know that I could never manage a track career.”

13. You’re not alone!


I just recently learned that I have dyscalculia, so I don’t feel too bad about it.”

14. Can’t sleep.


Never learned how to do it.

I just browse until I pass out from exhaustion and often wake repeatedly and still tired.

It ain’t fun.”

How about you?

What have you done for all or most of your life that you’re still bad at?

Spill your guts to us in the comments!