13 People Talk About What They Think Is Surprisingly Illegal

If you actually dig deep and do some research, you’ll find that there are some weird laws on the books in different states and in different countries.

Trust me on this one!

And we’re gonna hear from folks on AskReddit about things that are surprisingly illegal.

Start now!

1. Go easy on those things.

“If in Western Australia, possessing more than 50kg of potatoes.

Yep, you read that correctly. Potatoes.”

2. Well, that’s weird.

“In Germany it’s legal to break out of prison – but not in your prison uniform, because that would be stealing.”

3. Very specific.

It is illegal to parachute inside St. Peter’s basilica in the Vatican after a person did it.

They had to create that law specifically for him. He walked away no charge, as the law did not exist.”

4. Don’t alarm her.

“Alarming the Queen.

Section 49 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Sentence of up to 14 years in prison.”

5. Lots of them.

“In several states, it’s illegal to fish from horseback

Just google stupid fishing laws….there are lots of them.”

6. Good to know.

“It’s illegal to m**turbate a butterfly in Missouri.

Do what you want with that information.”

7. Pickles.

“In Connecticut, a pickle can’t be considered a pickle, nor sold as one, unless it bounces when dropped from the height of one foot in the air.

This state regulation was the result of devious pickle packers selling substandard pickles that obviously didn’t bounce.”

8. Interesting.

“Throughout Alabama, it’s illegal for a person to walk down the street with an ice cream cone in their back pocket.

Back when most people got around on horseback, horse thieves would put ice cream in their pocket to lure horses away without being charged with stealing.”

9. Assume the position.

“Until 2018 it was illegal under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (a special set of laws that apply to US military) it was illegal to have s** in any position other than missionary.

Still illegal under the UCMJ is adultery.”

10. On thin ice.

“It’s illegal to own more than 6 s** toys in Texas.

5 is okay I guess, but you’re on thin ice.”

11. That’s disturbing.

“Police are not required by law to help you. This has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

In one particular case, the mother of two daughters who had a restraining order on their father called 911 to report that he had abducted them.

The police did nothing, and the father k**led the two little girls. The mother sued the police, and her case was thrown out, because police literally don’t have to do anything to help you.”

12. Two whoppers.

“In Boise, Idaho you may not fish from a camel or giraffe’s back.

Hunting camels is illegal in Arizona.”

13. This is one you.

“In Logan, Utah, if a married woman commits a crime in her husband’s presence, he is legally responsible.”

Now it’s your turn.

Tell us what you think is surprisingly illegal.

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