13 People Talk About What They Think Should Be Much Cheaper

Oh, boy, you know people are going to sound off about this.

Because things are pretty pricey these days…

What do you think should be cheaper?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. What’s the deal?

“Graphing calculators.

It’s a scam to charge what they do for essentially no update in 30 years.”

2. Crazy stuff.


Throw me in the ocean, scatter me in a forest I don’t care just don’t have a casket, service and whatever for me.

Do a celebration of life and a potluck somewhere if you feel the need to do so.”

3. Printer stuff.

“Many printers deliberately stop working when a certain part has reached a count.

They’ll force you to replace things like drums and waste containers even though they’re fine. I once got a drum replacement message. I looked up the cost and saw that a new drum was $120.

I found that you could also buy a reset chip for my current drum for $20, so I did that. Only later I found that I could enter a code and put the printer in tech mode which allows me to reset any count.”

4. A lifesaver.


For something that could potentially save a life shouldn’t cost that much.

Some people even carry an expired epipen because they can’t afford to get a new one.”

5. You bet.

“College textbooks

They are charging insane prices and switching the required books often.”

6. That’s important.

“Eye care. Glasses and contacts.

I’m lucky with decent health insurance that the style of glasses that I wear is only $20 copay but it’s all so expensive!”

7. For real.

“Dental care.

Especially with the well known fact that an untreated tooth infection can spread to other parts of your body, attack your brain and literally k**l you.”

8. Definitely.

“Sanitary products.

They are too expensive for needing them every month.”

9. Insanity.

“American health care premiums. Ours just went up to SIXTEEN HUNDRED a month.

That’s twenty one f**king thousand dollars a year, and that’s with a sixteen THOUSAND dollar deductible. And this was the second cheapest plan!!

And we didn’t take all the “add ons“ they offer now either, so it could have been even more. F**k you insurance companies. F**k. You.”

10. Buy the cheap ones!


Pieces of plastic with 1000% markup.”

11. Out of control.


A family with 6 kids and a stay at home Mom could afford an actual house on a factory workers paycheck in the 1940s.

So why do we need two people with college degrees to pay for one now?”

12. I think you’re right.

“Is “literally everything” too annoying of an answer?

Because that’s my answer.

Inflation and cost of living are destroying me right now.”

13. Absolutely.

“Anything related to a wedding.

The mark up is a joke.”

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