When Did You Realize Life Isn’t Fair? Here’s What People Had to Say.

We all grow up differently but there is one indisputable fact about our existence: all of us come to the realization at one point or another that life just isn’t fair.

And today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about when they figured this out.

Take a look…

1. Sad, but true.

“You can be an a** doing pranks on YouTube that can lead you to be a millionaire but being something noble like a teacher gets you s**t pay.”

2. Plot twist.

“Treating everyone nicely to make sure they are happy and will treat me the same.

Plot twist, they didn’t.”

3. Silver spoons.

“My stepbrothers being handed a half million dollar inheritance for getting their Masters degrees while I struggle to pay bills and make payments on my Bachelors degree.

Neither of them had to work a job in their lives, were given new cars when they turned 16, etc. It’s the definition of a silver spoon.”

4. We don’t all start the same.

“Honestly, it was a conversation I had at work one day when I was like 20.

I worked a job that paid me $10/hr, I paid for my own college, books, etc and had to cover a small chunk of my tuition and still didn’t have all that much leftover to cover my own bills and car insurance bla bla. I was usually able to save like $50/week.

I was talking to my coworker, same age, also in college, who came from a very affluent family. He said he had $10k in savings and I was taken aback, we were paid the same so how could he manage that? When I told him that was impressive, he was dumbfounded and told me that was the standard. I let him know that it wasn’t for me and I was relatively wise with my money.

Fast forward a few months later and another coworker, also from an affluent background, suddenly gets a pricey new car. Nothing crazy, it was a used Passat but still cost about $10k, or so. Thing is, he always complained about being “working class” and having it tough, but things didn’t add up. You’re struggling to save but you’ve got a nice new car? And you’re younger than me too, at that..

Turns out his parents bought it for him. Nothing wrong with that, but the fact that he put up this front about being “working class” rubbed me the wrong way.

That’s when I realized life wasn’t fair and we didn’t all start from the same starting line.”

5. Not equal.

“Inequality in school.

I was friends with kids who were on free meals, and other kids who were driven to school by a hired driver.”

6. Unfair.

“Having kids and watching them hurt while not being able to protect them.

Life is unfair, is all I could say to them. Best we can do is teach them to bounce back.”

7. In the end.

“No matter how beautiful of a relationship you have with someone, no matter how much it helps to just thrive through all the pain of life because you have specific people in your life, you end up losing them.”

8. Just trying to help…

“I lost everything, my family, friends, and almost 50 grand in life savings for trying to help out. Never again.

It’s bad to say but that experience made me a cold person. I’m having to rebuild my entire life from the last 20 years. Luckily my family has forgiven me for the stupid things I did.”

9. A bad ticker.

“I was born with a bad heart. Nobody’s fault. Just something that happens.

Then after my first 3 heart surgeries, the woman I thought was my wife, broke every vow she ever made to me…and our children. Now after another 3 heart surgeries, she is living very comfortably with her new son and husband(2 kids as well).

Because I can’t work, my ex gets the tax deductions on my kids, whom have no memory of her…and all that stimulus money the gov threw at us during the pandemic meant to “help children in poverty” went to their mother. Life has never been fair for some of us.”

10. Middle child.

“I’m a middle child, so somehow was the one who missed out every time, whether it was new clothes (wear your brother’s hand me downs), school trips (we’ve just spent x on your brother’s trip, we can’t afford it) or learning to drive there was always money for the other 2, never for me.

Both got to go on international skiing trips with the school, I never even got to go on the trip to the local zoo. Both got bought cars, paid for lessons, money for a deposit for a house…the list goes on. I got zip.”

11. Yup.

“Horrible people can do horrible things, and nothing happens.

Great people can do great things, and nothing but s**t happens to them.”

12. A lot changed.

“Graduating soon after the Great Recession.

People a few years older or a few years longer just waltzed right into their first job.

My contemporaries mostly had extensive periods of unemployment only to eventually move on to extremely precarious jobs.”

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