13 People Who Failed Quite Hard

Image Credit: Twitter

We all fail sometimes, you know? We do our best, we go into things with so much optimism, but then there’s no way to get around the fact that things just did not turn out the way we’d hoped.

And luckily for all of us (but maybe not so much for the people involved), the internet and video and cameras exist to bring all of these delightfully hilarious fails to the rest of us.

Here are 13 you’re just not going to want to miss.

13. Oh, bless her heart.

And also, f*ck that person.

12. I mean, it’s true but…

That’s not the person you want to hear it from, I know.

11. This is so not right.

Good heavens, that’s going to smell.

10. Oh man that hurts.

What was she mad about, though?

9. This woman is a hero.

And the guy is a douche. Surprise!

8. I’m not sure that’s a fail.

Not if you’re the cat, anyway.

7. That’s the fanciest pregnancy test I’ve ever seen.

Not sure what you need besides a yes or no, though.

6. I mean, it might be savage but it’s also fair.

You go Aunt Peggy.

5. Guys, just stop.

I promise, that’s never going to work.

4. Hahaha well might as well be honest.

You like meats and cheese and wine? I don’t think this is going to work out.

3. OMG my heart just climbed into my throat.

Did she even scrape her nose?

2. Maybe he didn’t look too closely?

One can hope, anyway.

1. She’s just mad he out smarted her.

Also, good thing pizza rolls never go bad.

I’m feeling better about my own recent screw ups, how about you?

If you were going to share your worst fail, what would it be? Please tell us about it in the comments!