13 People Who Quit Their Toxic Jobs Share How It’s Going Now

Making yourself go to work somewhere you cannot stand, every single day, has a way of wearing on a person. You might see the effects physically, mentally, emotionally, or all three, but there’s almost no chance that you’ll feel happy and satisfied after spending your days and nights in a place you hate.

These 13 people decided enough was enough and put their health above their paycheck, and now we’re checking in to see how it all worked out.

13. You’ve gotta have boundaries.

And there have to be consequences when people cross them.

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12. I can see why he’s no longer the boyfriend.

Call center jobs can be the absolute worst.

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11. Those aren’t really safety measures.

Good for them for realizing it and bouncing.

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10. Being happy will do that for a person.

Sometimes our passions change.

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9. That all sounds awful.

More like middle school than a grown up job.

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8. Just picked up and left.

And everything worked out for the best.

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7. Something is rotten in Denmark.

Definitely a good idea to move on, then.

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6. It was literally killing them.

But no more!

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5. Why not throw a party?

It’s a special occasion, after all.

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4. You treat good people like this and you pay the price.

Sadly, it doesn’t sound like the boss learned their lesson.

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3. It’s just a job.

You can find another one, I promise.

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2. You can only try hard for so long.

Then you realize you’re banging your head against the wrong wall.

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1. Turns out he was a wrong.

Big shocker there.

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I applaud each and every person who has had the strength to leave a job they knew wasn’t right for them. It’s just money, and I promise your employer isn’t going to waste any time mourning you.

If you’ve up and quit and feel ten times better now, tell us your story in the comments!