12 People Who Moved On From Toxic Workplaces And Don’t Regret It For A Minute

No matter how unhappy you are at work, making the decision to move on can be scary. That goes double if you don’t have something else lined up, you’re worried that leaving your current job will look bad on your resume, or jobs are lean in your industry and area.

That said, sometimes we reach a breaking point where we have to choose our own health and happiness over the job security for one more day – and these 12 people who have been there promise it’s worth it on the other side.

12. You can save yourself.

No matter what your situation is at the moment.

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11. Just quit the job.

You can figure out all of the rest.

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10. It’s definitely not worth it.

They do not pay you enough for that.

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9. I bet that felt good.

A really cathartic way to leave.

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8. Sometimes you just need to take a break.

Assess things in a relaxed and different way.

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7. It’s never too late.

You can start over any old time you feel like it.

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6. Sometimes scary things are good.

Or at least, they’re worth it.

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5. That’s not the right thing to say.

Someone definitely shouldn’t be in management.

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4. Everyone who has done this is brave.

And deserves all the pats on the back.

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3. This is an actual nightmare.

Thank goodness she realized and avoided it ever after.

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2. Happiness is for everyone.

Your friends and family will recognize it from a mile away.

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1. Top 10 decision.

That’s gotta be a pretty good one, then.

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There you have it. Learn from these folks, y’all, and prioritize your own mental, emotional, and physical health. I promise a paycheck and an early retirement isn’t worth more.

If you’ve ever jumped ship without a safety net, tell us how you’re doing in the comments!