13 People Whose Online Complaints Totally Backfired

Do you think it’s interesting how sometimes the best parts of something – like, say, the internet – can also be the worst parts of that same thing?

Like, being able to leave reviews (good or bad) and give companies your feedback instantaneously and for others to see can be such a great thing for everyone involved…but also, some people totally abuse the privilege.

These 13 people thought they had some pretty solid complaints (I guess), but voicing them online totally backfired.

13. People…buy bread?

This is a very confusing post.

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12. I’m not sure they know how a vaccine works.

In fact, I feel pretty sure about that.

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11. Should somebody tell him?

…I think somebody should tell him.

10. Spoiler alert: it’s not.

None of that should have been necessary.

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9. I think they just argued against their own case.

It’s hard to tell because the whole thing is a bit confusing.

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8. If the shoe fits.

Walk away before you wedge it any further into your mouth.

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7. It’s all political.

And this person has the receipts.

NZ Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick replying to a guy commenting on her post about NZ’s housing crisis.
byu/TheKiwiTimeLord inMurderedByWords

6. Think before you type.

And you might stop things like this from happening to you.

5. We hope this helps.

I love the subtle eff you of this reply.

Shame on you, Crayola!
byu/beerbellybegone inMurderedByWords

4. Right over her head.

She was so close, too.

3. Um, but that’s what you just did?

I’m confused about why I’m reading this…

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2. I am secondhand embarrassed for this person.

Because they just got shown the what-for and they didn’t even realize it.

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1. They can serve, though.

And many of them choose to do just that.

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I mean. I guess most of the time people really do get what’s coming to them.

Has something like this happened to someone you know? We want to hear the story in the comments!