13 People With Seriously Petty But Effective Power Moves

We’ve all gotta have a good power move or two in our arsenal, because sometimes you have to let other people know where you’re drawing the line.

That said, some folks like to bust out their power moves in situations that really don’t call for them, but you know what? I’m gonna let it slide, because the pettiness is honestly hilarious.

13. Yeah I’m definitely going with both.

There’s no other answer.

What a madman. from madlads

12. This grandpa is one of my favorite people now.

Aspirations, truly.

Grandad glass blowing madlad from madlads

11. Some tattoo artist had a lot of feelings that day.

This would be so awful but since it’s not me it’s funny.

tattoo artist from madlads

10. No one can throw shade like a kid.

You’re gonna have to answer for your life no matter what.

Madlad kid from madlads

9. He’s said all he has to say.

No sense in continuing.

This student of mine turned in his homework like this, (3rd grade from madlads

8. Works every time.

No, literally. It works every time.

It’s… Amazing! from madlads

7. You can’t win with guys like that.

You might as well just move along and let it go.

What a legend from madlads

6. Lots of chances for this with remote schools.

Teachers should make more money.

Madlad in lecture from madlads

5. So many baller grandpas.

Who knew?

Madlad granddad from madlads

4. Don’t mess with Barbara.

She has no f*cks to give.

Damn she’s unstoppable from madlads

3. I’m officially dead.

This guy is a legend.

Madlad Kevin! from madlads

2. Who needs a yellow Sharpie?

Why do they even make them?

suck it, tim from madlads

1. He didn’t need the sugar anyway.

I’m just saying.

Evil incarnate from madlads

I hope that one day I am confident enough to pull something like this. But for right now, I’ll just lean on the folks at reddit.

If you’ve got a great power move, lay it on us in the comments!