13 Pictures That Illustrate How Well We Love Our Favorite Things

When people find an item they really love – a piece of clothing, a tool, a piece of media or technology – we tend to not only use it a lot, but to hang onto it as long as we can. There’s no promise, after all, that we’re going to be able to find the exact same replacement, and even if we do, will it really be the same?

If that’s a worry any of these 13 people had it was surely assuaged – because it was definitely time to go out with the old and in with the new.

13. One year of use.

That’s a lot of weight lifting.

Image Credit: Reddit

12. No reason to change something that works.

It’s a classic for a reason.

Image Credit: Reddit

11. Four years in.

That is a well-made sneaker. Or a lazy person.

Image Credit: Reddit

10. He definitely got his money’s worth.

I’m not sure I want answers to all of my questions, however.

Image Credit: Reddit

9. Pooh has held up well.

10 years of cuddling looks good on him.

Image Credit: Reddit

8. Brilliant.

A backup of a favorite is always a good idea.

Image Credit: Reddit

7. Check your brakes.

On your bike and your car.

Image Credit: Reddit

6. That is a well-loved cap.

I’m so happy they could find a new one.

Image Credit: Reddit

5. Those reptiles like to be warm.

I’d like to know how long they held up.

Image Credit: Reddit

4. That’s pretty gross.

I’m not judging, just observing.

Image Credit: Reddit

3. A cat scratcher after 3 months.

Just imagine your furniture if you hadn’t bought it.

Image Credit: Reddit

2. Wow. You never think about it.

I want to go home and check mine now.

Image Credit: Reddit

1. That broom has seen some things.

Look at that little nub.

Image Credit: Reddit

There’s something so satisfying about these pictures and I’m not sure what it is.

What’s something you’ve bought multiples of because you love it that much? Tell us about it in the comments!