7 Things Your Barista Hates and 7 Things They Love

Now that the world is opening up again, there are places that most of us can’t wait to return to – places like our favorite coffee shops, which maybe we didn’t realize just how much we would miss when we were told we couldn’t go inside.

If you’re heading back, planning to spend time with some delicious coffee and friendly baristas, make sure you help them be as happy to see you as you are to return – here are 7 things you should absolutely keep doing at the counter, and 7 things you should stop right away.


7. Don’t assume they know you want it iced.

And if you forget to ask, don’t be mad at them for not reading your mind.

6. Don’t scream at them.

It turns out they can hear just fine.

5. Don’t stare.

Look at your phone like you do the other 99% of your life.

4. Pay attention.

They don’t want to have to continually beg people to order their coffee.

Every peak at least 5 times
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3. Don’t order a frappuccino.

But if you must, order ahead.

2. Don’t put your money on the counter.

Just hand it to them. Were you born in a barn?

It’s called etiquette
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1. Don’t reach around the sneeze guard.

It’s there for a reason, and that goes double during a pandemic.

Dear customers, this is what happens when you reach around the shields to help yourself. Please stop.
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7. Do eat your pastry at room temp when they’re busy.

Seriously, it tastes just as good and you won’t burn your mouth.

My favourite words to hear during a rush
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6. Do leave a tip.

Everyone loves money. Literally everyone.

[deleted by user]
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5. Do treat them like human beings.

And human beings love to commiserate about how terrible other human beings can be.

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4. Do make sure you leave before closing.

Seriously, they want to go home.

3. Do let them know you appreciate them.

It’s fine if you have an annoying order, just acknowledge it!

The customers who apologize about their “big order” rarely give me any trouble!
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2. Do give them a break first thing in the morning.

Go easy, huh? It’s early.

When you’ve been open for 2 seconds and someone orders a Venti caramel Frappuccino at 5am
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1. Do pat them on the back.

Everyone likes to feel the love.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed

I feel like most of these are common sense, but I’m obviously wrong on that front.

If you’re a barista, what else would you add to these lists? Share with us in the comments!