13 Rib-Tickling Memes to Better Your Day

I don’t know about you, but when I’m having a down day, the best remedy is a good laugh. (Or a good cry, but let’s focus on laughter for now.)

And laughter is actually good for your health! It’s been proven to strengthen your immune system, boost your mood, and protect you from the damaging effects of stress.

So do something good for your health today and enjoy these 13 rib-tickling memes.

1. When we look back on the pandemic we’ll say:

Maintaining sanity counts for something.

Image Credit: deafkitten

2. Woof:

That’s, uh…yeah.

Image Credit: deafkitten

3. Are you serious right now?

You just don’t GET me.

Image Credit: deafkitten

4. Um

I’m honestly not sure.

Image Credit: deafkitten

5. There’s nothing you can do to hurt me now:

I’m already dead inside.

Image Credit: deafkitten

6. Hey, who turned off the lights?

This actually isn’t too bad. Kind of relaxing.

Image Credit: deafkitten

7. Um, you’re late:

Do I get a refund?

Image Credit: deafkitten

8. How dare they:

This is a travesty.

Image Credit: deafkitten

9. Someone got creative:

50% impressive, 50% terrifying

Image Credit: deafkitten

10. The most beautiful warning sign ever:

We hope you will join us for tea in the garden.

Image Credit: deafkitten

11. That’s it, I’m out of here:

YOU will have to fetch ME this time.

12. Hell to the yes:

This fruits the heck out of my loops.

Image Credit: deafkitten

13. Guilty:

I also haven’t gotten a raise since starting, sooooo…

Image Credit: deafkitten

Doesn’t it feel good to make healthy decisions?

And I’m not kidding about the Fruit Loop cereal straws! If we can enjoy more Fruit Loops in our life AND reduce plastic waste, what’s not to love!?

Which meme above gave you a good laugh? Let us know in the comments!