13 Secrets Your Hotel Clerk Won’t Tell You

Most of us are probably more aware than we’d like to be that there are things that go on behind the scenes at hotels that we’d rather not know. I assume at this point that they’re not always that clean, they’ll try to overcharge me, and someone may or may not try to break into my room at some point.

I remind you of this to warn you before you head forward with this article, because you’re about to find out a bunch more stuff you may or may not be happy you know.

You’ve been warned!

13. They might be lying to you.

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If you tell them the elevator is broken and they say someone is coming soon, chances are that’s not exactly true.

But I mean, you probably knew that already, right?

12. You can’t bargain with reservations.

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If you call the 1-800 number for reservations you’ll get connected to a central office with no ability (or interest in) haggling over rates.

Calling the hotel directly will connect you with someone who has the authority to negotiate, believe it or not.

11. Don’t call during checkout time.

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If you’ve got a special request or need someone’s attention, don’t call between 9am and 1pm.

No one has time for that with guests waiting in line, so whoever you get will just be rushing you off the phone.

10. They’ll like it if you don’t use an online booking site.

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Hotels have to pay a commission of up to 30% to online hotel booking sites – who knew?

What that means is if you call someone with the power to negotiate and offer them 20% less instead, there’s a good chance they’ll take it.

9. Your maid is overworked and underpaid.

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The maid is not only the maid – they also run errands, plunge toilets, deliver towels and other toiletries, and even sometimes create the continental breakfast – and they still only make $10/hr.

Tipping has fallen out of fashion, but not for any good reason. So, tip your maid and other helpful staff.

8. Request clean linens when you check in.

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The sheets are supposedly washed every day, but the blankets and comforters only get run through once a week (probably more like once a month).

You’re going to want all of those replaced before you snuggle up underneath them.

7. Take the shower soap.

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They have the hotel’s logo on them for a reason, and they’re cheap, to boot – so please, they want you to take them.

If you steal anything bigger, like a pillow or the iron or a nice fluffy bathrobe, you’ll likely see a charge for it on your bill.

6. You want a clean room, so don’t rush housekeeping.

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If you show up before official check-in time and your room isn’t ready, think about why before you get frustrated or pitch a fit.

It takes as long as it takes to clean the rooms. Think about your own house and have a bit of patience!

5. Please keep the noise down.

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Hotels are rarely soundproof, and the person on the desk at night really doesn’t want to have to deal with your (potentially embarrassing) bulls*%t.

Keep it down and you won’t find hotel security at your door.

4. Ask for a room upgrade in private.

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Fun fact: If you want a bigger room without having to pay for it, ask to be in a corner spot.

Otherwise, if you want something extra like an upgrade to a suite, don’t ask in front of other customers. In that case, the answer will almost always be no.

3. Save disputes for checkout.

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No one is going to go through the rigamarole of say, waiving Wi-Fi charges before you accrue them.

Save those requests for checkout.

2. Avoid the concierge if you want the real deal.

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The hotel concierge will often give you suggestions that result in a kickback for them from pricey tourist traps.

The front desk clerk should be able to give a more unbiased – but still knowledgable and local opinion.

1. If there’s an hourly rate, turn around.

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Trust me, you don’t want to stay somewhere that has an hourly rate.

Unless you do, in which case, you’re in the right place.

I mean personally, I do think knowledge is power, so go forth and use yours.

Just make sure you stock up on vitamin c and alcohol wipes before you head to another hotel for the night.