Employers In NYC Will Soon Be Required To List A Salary On Every Job Posting

If you’ve been in the position of looking for a new job, well, ever, then you know that one of the more frustrating aspects of searching job listings is that you’re almost always going in blind when it comes to the salary being offered.

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People are expected to take the time to apply and even go through an interview process without knowing the compensation package – which, if it’s too low, they could have saved everyone the time and energy by opting out ahead of time.

The #shareyoursalary movement on Twitter, started by Victoria Walker, has sought to change that stigma by encouraging people to share their salaries publicly instead of keeping mum.

Now, NYC is jumping on the bandwagon and will require all employers who have four or more workers to post the minimum and maximum salary range for any job posting.

These wage transparency laws aim to help ease sex-based wage disparities and eventually level the playing field when it comes to fair pay.

The bill, Int. 1208-2018, applies to external job advertisements as well as internal announcements concerning promotions or transfer opportunities and should represent a “good faith effort” at getting the salary range correct.

New York City is only the second city making such requirements mandatory, with Colorado being first.

California, Connecticut, Maryland, Nevada, Rhode Island, Washington, and Cincinnati and Toledo Ohio all have laws that require employers to disclose wages upon request, and more jurisdictions are considering similar legislation in sessions to come.

Employers should definitely look for the world to be moving in the direction of wage transparency in the near future, though, because this seems as if it’s definitely gaining the kind of traction that doesn’t slip.

Personally, I know that job-seekers everywhere are ready for it, and in the name of fairness, I’ll say it’s about time.